After dark


Should have been before my time,

but since I was the baby with three older sisters, I was raised on rock & roll (or whatever you call this) from a very early age.

Plus, and this is really strange: My dad was a big-time consumer of science fiction, and watching the (original) Star Trek was a weekly family thing. Which I still think was pretty cool, even in retrospect...Anyway, probably due to his fascination with the show, my dad had an intercom system installed housewide. So before I even started kindergarten, my sisters had the habit of blasting top 40 radio songs directly into my bedroom to wake me up in the morning.

I remember this one clearly, although (thank God) I never saw this dancing(?) until just now. ;o

Oh. My. God.

We must be about the same age, Steve.

My dad played top 40 radio in the car when he was taking us to school. I remember this, too. I remember the cheesy outfits - but I don't remember the dancing. Wow.

Heh. I think my sister

still has her vinyl record of this one. I'll have to ask her if she remembers the dancing part...