After dark


In the end his legacy will be a stone over a hole...

and having spent his life and wealth promoting his own interests rather than the interests of humanity and his neighbors, rich and poor, no one will come to kneel and say thanks and to wish his spirit well.

Just think of all the good he could have done with his many lives could have been made whole or given a gentle hand many might have looked upon him kindly, gratefully, and lovingly...and said what a fine man he was.

Somewhere in North Carolina there is, tonight, a hungry child or a hollow-eyed couple facing eviction, or a young man or woman aching to find a job. Rather than buying political influence for personal and political gain, Mr. Pope could have helped to give them sustenance and hope.

He didn't. And when then sun sets a last time for him he will not approach his maker with clear eyes and steady hands. And no one will weep for him. His nothingness.

Stan Bozarth

That sounds right to me

Not being too keen on religion, I'm not sure about he "maker" part, but your comment is so right on the mark in so many ways. The grand irony, of course, is that so many in the Show feel that they themselves are doing god's work.

They're fighting against keeping the environment clean, they're fighting against poor people having healthcare, they're fighting against communities that want to manage their own growth instead of letting developers and Realtor Ticks do it for them.