After dark


Just got robo-polled by College Republicans

The choices they gave me to vote for president in 2012 were:

  • Romney
  • Huckabee
  • Gingrich
  • Palin
  • Other

I chose "other" and they ended the call. I'm guessing it was exploratory research for Gingrich. What a spectacular bunch of losers.

I just watched Obama's remarks regarding extending tax cuts for

the next two years. No reasonable person wants to see taxes go up on the middle class or for unemployment benefits to not be extended. Yet, apparently, that was the choice the Party of Greed offered Obama if he didn't capitulate. I feel both violated and conflicted. violated in the sense that I feel Obama just paid protection money to thugs, gave away America's lunch money, or however one might say it, in return fo a promise that these greedy pricks wouldn't rape the weakest among us for a little while.

We know how that will go. Soon their appetite for more will return and it will be social security and medicare versus no taxes for the wealthy..or something equally egregious. I believe Obama should have stood his ground and let the Republicans screw America so people would actually feel their backs against the wall and get outraged. He forgets there are republicans out there that would get screwed just like democrats...and they too would rebel...if Obama framed the issue for them truthfully and strongly and frequently.

I'm just sick.

Stan Bozarth