After dark


I remember going to Hendersonville when Edwards

and Shuler appeared together and Shuler got Edward's endorsement. It rained like heck. I met Screwy there for the first time. Shuler talked a good game. He got a lot of support to beat Taylor. Then he turned back into the arrogant weinie he probably always opinion. He's out of his league...and he's gonna be out in the parking lot picking up butts by the time this term is over.

Stan Bozarth

Taking this to be an open thread

I thought I'd share some of the latest effort towards pushing for DADT repeal:

The time line I saw suggested that if they don't take up dadt repeal before thanksgiving, they can't get it done before the end of the lame duck session due to procedural time constraints.

I keep getting asked by various pro-repeal orgs to call Hagan & Burr and find out where they stand and ask them to support repeal... all of which I did many months ago, and I already know Hagan is pro-repeal & Burr is anti-repeal. I'm very much someone who believes in self efficacy and issue advocacy as real ways to change the world... but at this point, on this issue, I'm starting to feel like a spectator. I'm not sure what else there is to do.

Wowser, Jake

You have got to see the way John McCain got raked over the coals tonight on the Daily Show over DADT. I don't think I've ever seen them do something quite like that. It was impressive.