After dark


He makes a few good points,

but fails (like many of his FMF buddies) to confront the real issue, which is how the market demanded more product (loans to securitize) and forced the very risky behavior he's complaining about. The tail wagged the dog, then it wrapped around the dog's neck and choked it. And it was those "less regulation" idiots who created the environment for that to happen.

Facebook gets $11.4 Million in NC Taxpayer monies

to create 42 jobs slated to pay @ $14/hr. That means Facebook will get about $280K in tax incentives for each job and each employee will work about 9 years to earn what the job cost the taxpayers. Unless I'm missing something here, this is another example of fiscal stupidity by our elected officials and their appointees. Small wonder we're in deep yogurt.

Stan Bozarth

Breathtakingly stupid

NC economic development professionals at their most embarrassing worst. And to think, there are actually public officials celebrating this travesty.

It'll be interesting to see if the R's put a stake through the heart of this beast as they have often promised. I doubt they have the backbone or balls.