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Burr hits the front page at Kos

Most endangered Republican.

This race is likely more winnable than the Missouri Senate race, where the DSCC is pumping in big bucks while ignoring this one. Part of the problem is money -- as of the last reporting period, Burr had over $6 million cash on hand, while Marshall had $163,000. The DSCC doesn't feel like it can close that gap. Yet despite the big cash disparity, Marshall remains competitive, and money isn't everything in a climate that isn't being kind to incumbents.

And will Burr really be the incumbent to break this seat's curse? No incumbent has won it since 1968.

The DSCC seems to be taking advantage of its chance to alienate a whole generation of Democrats in North Carolina. They could close that gap if they wanted to, but their guy didn't win the primary, so they're what? Putting their money behind a loser in Missouri?

PS Note to campaign: Don't start complaining about the importance of making nice to the DSCC. They're either in this race or they're not, and time's a wastin'.

I agree

We don't need equal funds to beat Burr... Marshall has already proven that she can beat a better financed opponent on more than one occasion, and has shown that she can hold her own against Burr even with such funding disparities.

The DSCC doesn't need to do completely matching funds to Burr's war chest, they just need to help give her a fighting chance. If they'd just do a Cost Benefit Analysis, or even a simple decision tree, I'd imagine they'd see that they would have a decent shot of winning this race with decent but not huge contributions.

And I agree that its no time to play nice. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, if there is any grease to be had, so its time to start squeaking!

Who needs the DSCC .....

.... when you have pissed off Republicans like me:


Burr's going to get his sorry tail kicked to the curb this Nov. Watch and learn.