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Speaking of right wing

It seems Richard Burr is having himself a Brokeback Mountain moment.

Greensboro News and Record

NR: What about those tea partiers that want to dismantle government — that want to do away with the Federal Reserve, the IRS, Medicaid and Medicare and Medicare?

Burr: I think every party has the fringes and there are days where I'd probably like to do some of the things that they propose.

Ouch. No doubt teh baggers are going to be up in arms with the Burr calling them "the fringes." And no doubt the sane people of North Carolina are going to wonder just which parts of the teabaggin' plan to destroy government Burr's eager to implement.

Burr is just such an easy target

In the article you provided, James, Burr says:

“My election is really not about who I run against,” he said. “It’s about the outside money that could potentially come into North Carolina.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA...Sure it is, Burrski.

Um...when Burr ran against Erskin Bowles for U.S. Senate, well, shoot, let me give ya a quote from another article I dug up:

A large portion of Burr’s money, $2.8 million, came from political action committees, which provided more for him than any other 2004 Senate candidate. Bowles harped on this point, characterizing Burr as a fighter for special interests and big business.


Yep, "No Show" is all up in the air about the bucks that will be coming into our state to help his opponent in this years election, but..hey...all that special interest money (ya know, lobbyists and business PAC's and such), well, that's just okie dokie.

This guy is just TOOOO easy.

Burr votes against poor...and John McCain

Remember that extension of unemployment benefits and transportation construction projects that was being filibustered in the US Senate by Jim Bunning of Kentucky?

Well, our own Senator "Bank Run" Burr does North Carolina proud again.

Bunning drops his filibuster.

McCain votes for the bill.

Burr votes against it.

Anybody wonder if Burr sent his wife to ATM again before voting to cut off funds for construction workers and the unemployed?