After dark


Sorry Paraclete

I hope Obama fails because he is acting as a tyrant ignoring the constitution. Father, I pray that Obama fails and all the others like him also.

At the risk of feeding your persecution complex, you're flat-out nuts, man.

Speaking for god

What am I claiming and what has this blog been about? Why have I been writing to the national political and religious leaders for the last 15 years? Why keep up this foolishness?

First of all I have claimed that I am nothing more or less than any other human being is or can become once they accept that God is real and that the whole concept of being in connection with Him is also real. I have explained many times how this is proven. It can only be seen through eyes of faith; it is witnessed to by interaction of thought, the written word, and then interconnected outside occurrences.

What is the message from God? I love you but you are destroying yourselves.

Note to Paraclete: God doesn't say, "I love you, but ... " At least not the god I grew up with. That god says, "I love you unconditionally and forever."


PS That's a mighty weird use of the word "proven." Kinda rubs against the grain when combined with the word "faith."

PPS Invitation is still open. We'll have you as a guest here anytime. Just say the word.

Not yet, yeesh, I had to call his office today

and pretend like he really wanted to hear from me about how I think he should vote for health care reform. That's so wacked on so many levels I can't begin to explain.

You're a good soul

and yes, it is totally wacked.