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The question in question

What do you think about having an action block at the top of the right rail? I'm not asking about this particular action block ... just the general idea of always having something to do. The action would shift depending on the day or topic.

Is this a good idea or is it a waste of real estate? Could you help me find actions worth taking?

I'm not sure contacting Richard Burr is an action worth taking, but this is a conceptual test. Just pretend the action is directed to someone who might care enough to actually try to do something constructive.

Don't forget to click the Blue@night for Rachel Maddow's classic take down of the sockless wonder.

I like it, James

In addition to contacting electeds, we could link to various petitions and to candidates' sites.

Good idea.


The trick is ALWAYS sustainability. This feels like it might be able to be managed over time ... we'll see.