After dark


His picture

Is that really him, or is it Bruce Campbell with a cheesy mustache?

Hard to say

It's the primary from hell, from what I can see. They're calling each other gay, each trying to out teabag the other on the way to the funny farm. Roche is Ritchie Rich, an accidental person used to be male model (he "found himself" in that job) ... Lawson is an Libertarian purist, running as a Republican because he doesn't have the stomach to stand by his convictions, and the Looney Tune guy? Who knows where he came from. Crazy shit.

The Repub Tea Bagger Creature from the Black Lagoon 4th

and the Looney Tune guy? Who knows where he came from. Crazy shit.*James

I knew I had seen that dude before somewhere in my dark young past! I was scared out of my pants when I saw this movie long ago and now after visting Mr Looney Tunes site, he has scare the Sara Palin Tea Bag crap out of me.


I think i must have some

I think i must have some strange twisted psyche but i would actually love to see this guy speaking somewhere. :) I would also like to see what others tea-o-cons turned up. Having said that i think the guy might actually murder me, cut me up into little pieces and bury me out back somewhere...

I think your being a wee bit

I think your being a wee bit unfair to BJ there James :) BJ is not a Libertarian purist. He is not or ever has been anything other than a registered Republican. Since yourself and many on here are progressives who are not happy quite often by the behavior of some Democratic party candidates i would think you could relate to folks trying to change things for the better from within.

Anyway calling BJ Lawson a Libertarian is so circa Augustus Cho 2008. BJ Lawson is now a progressive according to Frank Roche as of yesterday ;)