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Good job, NCDP

Via email. Glad to see these folks taking Burr to task.

Raleigh, NC -- Richard Burr’s true colors shined through today as he took part in an anti-health care rally in Washington, DC with fellow right-wing fringe members and insurance company shills like Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, and radio talk show host Laura Ingraham.

Despite millions of middle-class North Carolina families struggling with rising health care costs and 1.4 million North Carolinians lacking even basic health insurance, Senator Burr has been tone-deaf to their concerns and has done everything in his power to obstruct any health care reform from passing. Burr’s attendance at today’s anti-health care reform event shows once again he’s only working overtime for the health insurance lobby.

“My mama taught me that we are judged by the company we keep, and boy can we ever judge Richard Burr after today,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Andrew Whalen. “Today’s right-wing fringe rally isn’t going to provide health care to one more North Carolinian. It’s not going to lower health care costs for a single North Carolina small business. It’s only going to give Richard Burr the chance to preen in front of the cameras and show the health care lobbyists what a fine senator he is for them. That’s bad news for North Carolina families and North Carolina small business owners. We need a U.S. Senator who will fight for working families, not insurance company profit margins.”

County to offer same-sex benefits to employees

Mecklenburg County will offer domestic partner benefits in 2011 to employees in same-sex relationships, under a plan approved Tuesday night by county commissioners.

The board vote split 6-3 along party lines to begin offering the benefits during its next open enrollment period, which would start next fall.

Democratic commissioners said the change could help the county recruit and retain workers who are in same-sex relationships by offering them the same benefits given to married, heterosexual workers....

Party lines

Democrats for equality, Republicans against.