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Perdue is a disgrace

Check out our political prostitute of a governor in reacting to Judge Rand's Order to release the prisoners. Maybe she'll run as a Republican in 2012. The only consolation is that Pat McCrory would have been just as bad, only more articulate.

I know. It's very sad.

It's like pissing on the rule of law and the separation of powers and due process and every other principle we hold sacred in our justice system.

As I said in an earlier thread

At least its not McCrory. I can't imagine a republican being willing to sign the health youth act for comprehensive sex ed, let alone the bullying bill since in addition to helping all students it included lgbt ones.
And while I don't know all the details of her first veto, it seemed like a good one in preventing law that would have hid more info relating to legislation whereas she was aiming for transparency. Speaking of transparency, we might not like who her office picked for the particular job in question, but at least the "I'm ashamed of that, and I can't change it" put everything transparently on the table for us to discuss even if it is a negative thing we are discussing.
She isn't perfect by far, but Governor Perdue hasn't lost my vote for re-election yet. Compared to the Easley's, that I now hear about on a daily basis now that I'm in grad school at NCSU, I'm feeling like we definitely had a step up with Governor Perdue. And to those who saying "One-term Bev," unless the winds start changing in a democratic favor, if we run anyone without the benefits that come along with being an incumbent, I think we would be inviting a teabagger to take her place

In a sense the campaign magic is wearing off for everyone. I know people who no longer support Perdue, those who no longer support Hagan, those who no longer support Obama, and others, essentially all no longer supporting all the elected Blue in our Blue NC.

But I'm going to hold on to hope a little longer. I seem to remember James, or someone, mentioning that someone from Bev's staff reads this site for input. I can't imagine that happening with a republican administration.

Pat McCrory would have been just as bad, only more articulate

I for one think he would have been worse. And I think another difference is, that while I'm sure no mud throwing would be spared, I doubt he'd be call a prostitute.

Fair enough, and well reasoned

I don't disagree with much of what you said.

It's unfortunate that Perdue has a penchant for melodrama and pandering on issues that play to the reactionary base (in both parties). That said, I'd vote for her again in a general election.

As to McCrory, I suppose prostitution by any other name is still an honorable profession. A Mayor in the Pocket is Worth 2 in the Bush. (Scroll halfway down the page.)