AFP Responds to Sending Out "Thousands" of Incorrect Mailers

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Posted on the AFP-NC site today was the long-awaited response to last week's information that Americans for Prosperity mailed out incorrect voter information to a number of North Carolinians. While waiting for the official response (and apology) from AFP, the story has gained significant traction in the media both locally and nationally.

As expected, Americans for Prosperity did publicly apologize in their statement, as it reads below.

In addition, our mailing list contained some inaccurate information that caused some concern for certain individuals and families, which we sincerely apologize for.

We regret these errors, and are working swiftly to ensure they are fully addressed and don’t happen again.

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However I still have several questions about the issue, like many other NC citizens. Most concerning from today's statement was that Americans for Prosperity claims this "voter registration drive" that included the dubious mailers led to "...thousands of new people registering to vote...". This claim only begs the question of how many NC citizens were inversely exposed to this incorrect information, and what does that mean for them on election day?