AFP to NC: Let's take all the crap that doesn't work in other states and try it here

Americans for Prosperity - NC goals for 2011

AFP-NC 2011 Legislative Agenda:

• Pass a budget with ZERO tax increases
• Allow temporary sales and income taxes to sunset as planned
• Repeal ¼-cent sales and land transfer tax
• Require any referendum to take place on an even- year November General Election
• Increase the number of public charter schools and other school choice options
available to parents
• Promote the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) that would limit government
• Promote an amendment requiring a supermajority to raise taxes
• Eliminate corporate welfare (incentives) and adjust the corporate rate from 2% to 3%
• Protect private property
• Support a Constitutional Amendment to stop eminent domain abuse
• Stop forced municipal annexation
• Stop excessive property tax increases that threatens homes & businesses
• Dedicate all lottery revenue to school construction
• Repeal “Senate Bill 3” which raised energy costs and hurt families
• End all “welfare for politicians” known as taxpayer funded elections
• Protect free and political speech rights by deregulating campaign speech
• Pass a Session Limit Amendment
• End the Golden Leaf Foundation
• Keep North Carolina a “Right to Work” state
• Protect government employees from Unions having access to pay checks
• Protect taxpayers from public employee strikes and work stoppages
• Support a State Constitutional Amendment to protect workers’ rights to secret
ballot elections
• Pass Texas-style tort and lawsuit reform
• Greatly reduce the regulatory burden on business and citizens

The issue cited above here which is of real concern is TABOR (Tax Payers Bill of Rights) -- look it up and see how it has destroyed Colorado. We should be concerned about all of this tripe which has lingered around the fringes for a number of years but which is now full throttle. The supermajority to raise taxes is what has crippled California. Looks like they are after every measure which has hurt other states. As for the public schools, the charter issue is to gain "vouchers" - remember that from some time ago. Back to 1929 or earlier.


Art Pope won't stop until he can sell NC

Art Pope won't stop until he can sell NC down the "prosperity" river, just like happened in Colorado and California. What a pathetic set of bullshit ideas, ideas already proven to destroy economic vitality, increase the gap between rich and poor, and empower corporations to have more power than they already do. can this be?

The gap between the truly rich and the rest of us is already staggering...we have little economic vitality and corporations are already in control. He's wasting his money.

Stan Bozarth

"welfare for politicians"

It is more than a little convenient that Pope would seek to use his organization to maximize his ability to purchase elections.

Corporate welfare has allowed for a historic gulf between the extremely wealthy and the middle class. This allows the minority of robber barons to subvert our democracy. Public financing can balance the scales to a degree, so of course Pope's grocery list would include attacks on election reform laws.

Not California .. Chile

Seems more like AfP is jealous of Chile under Pinochet and want the same corporate environment. I don't think I'd like NC to be like Chile in the Pinochet era.
The economic aftermath:

"By 1990, when Aylwin's government went to work, the decline in social services was shocking, Ffrench said. "Public hospitals didn't have sheets and were putting two people in a bed. Public schools were a national embarrassment."

Most pernicious, Pinochet's critics say, was how rapidly Chile's gap between rich and poor widened under Pinochet. Now, the gap between rich and poor in Chile is one of the widest in Latin America, which has the widest in the world.

"In the first years of Pinochet, two economic groups -- called the piranhas -- bought up all the media, insurance and finance companies and manufacturing," Ffrench said. "Pinochet's philosophy was that the market knows what's best, so we didn't have to have anti-monopoly enforcement."

But the abuses soon became extreme, he said. In the first years of democracy, officials discovered that at the Bank of Santiago, one of Chile's two largest private banks, 44 percent of the loans had been granted to bank owners.

Environmentalists say Chile's democracy also inherited another headache: a modern tradition of environmental disregard. Under Pinochet, native forests were plundered and mighty rivers dammed, while mountain-ringed Santiago became one of the world's smoggiest cities."

Do not want.


Repeal SB3?

If only the Lockies were talking about repealing the unwarranted expansion of CWIP (construction work in progress), which allows the utilities to charge the costs of building unnecessary coal and nuclear plants to the ratepayers--whether or not the plants are ever completed or used. The CWIP expansion was tacked onto SB3 as an unwelcome rider when the legislation passed in 2007.

But no--the Lockies want to repeal the good parts of SB3, which require utilities to produce or purchase more of their power from renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

What's wrong with these idiots? If they were at least consistent in their opposition to public subsidies, I'd have more respect for them, even when I disagreed. Unfortunately, they maintain blind opposition to the expansion of safe, renewable energy, while getting behind yet more public subsidies for the market-rejected failure of more commercial nuclear plants.

Dan Besse

The citizen corporation

The corporations in NC want to be treated like citizens when it comes to the political process(as do corporations in other states) and we should accommodate them. Let's let NC corporations make contributions, but only up to the personal limit and pay income tax based on their income and not the profit that is left at the end of the year. Also, they can only deduct for interest paid for their land and buildings that they operate out of, no other interest would be used to reduce the tax responsibility.
Also, if a corporation lost money, they would still be due to pay their income taxes and the taxes would be progressive in rates, just like citizens. And bankruptcies, if a corporation declared bankruptcy, they would still be responsible for that debt and if the corporation dissolved, the officers and boards of directors would have to pay it and if they didn't, they would be subject to contempt of court and could be fined and jailed, just like NC citizens have to.
It may seem like tough love to Pope and his base, but it is the same treatment that we have been subjected to for all our lives.

Fritz Pardue

Not all of these agenda items is bad..

Let's look at a few of these:

Eliminate corporate welfare (incentives) and adjust the corporate rate from 2% to 3% -- I support elimination of these recruiting incentives, and would favor eliminating the corporate income tax.

Protect private property -- well that's a bit broad to evaluate

Support a Constitutional Amendment to stop eminent domain abuse -- The Supremes in Kelo certainly stretched the boundary, IMHO

Stop forced municipal annexation -- The voices of residents targeted for annexation should be heard

Dedicate all lottery revenue to school construction -- a worthy idea, but I fear the GOP would go way beyond this to rely solely on lottery revenue for school construction...lottery revenue is woefully inadequate to support all school construction.


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR

Eliminate the corporate income tax?

Well, that's certainly a position well within the spectrum of contemporary political debate, but I think it hardly counts as likely to appeal to progressive Democrats. Nor should it. To do so would merely continue and accelerate the shift to a regressive taxation system.

Dan Besse

A reasoned response, but

it relies on the presumption that deals on these issues will stick.

I have yet to see any evidence that the current brand of Republican candidate/legislator is willing or capable of meaningful give-and-take compromise.

At this point, we are almost exclusively negotiating among Democrats and independents for the best unified position that we can put into play, with Republican legislators representing a nearly united front of radicalism.

In those negotiations, I don't see great support for pro-corporate tax advantages. I am reluctant to suggest or support compromises aimed at gaining Republican votes which will not be forthcoming in any event.

All this with the caveat that I'm subject to correction by the specifics of any given negotiation.

Dan Besse

Do you not think Perdue could

Do you not think Perdue could trade "no corporate income tax" for a "new top tier for multimillionaires"?

In my view, that would have had the Tarheel Taliban salivating and climbing all over themselves. It would also have eliminated a future filled with extravagant tax incentives to lure businesses.