Adding more blue to our purple state

The only thing wrong with this Salon article is the use of the word "might" in the headline. North Carolina’s in play: The red state just might be up for grabs in November. I beg to differ, North Carolina IS up for grabs, and for good reason:

The only way the GOP could have screwed it up for this year’s presidential nominee is likely to do exactly what it has done: Overreach. After a couple of years of quietly gutting state services and turning the state university system over to a George W. Bush flunky in a political appointment so transparent it would have embarrassed a banana republic strongman, the legislature and McCrory finally went too far with the passage and signing of HB2.

The so-called “bathroom law” overrode local anti-discrimination ordinances that allowed, among other things, transgendered people to use the bathroom of their choice. Its passage led to all sorts of economic damage as musicians cancelled concerts in the state and corporations reversed plans to open offices there. To say nothing of making the state the butt of a thousand jokes from late-night comedians.

Now McCrory is facing a tough re-election and one of the state’s representatives in the Senate, Richard Burr, might have a fight on his hands in his own run for another term.