Add Lying to the List

Johnny one-note here, back with more on 5 NC US House Representatives' plan to take over the role of the NC legislature and set diver's license policy for North Carolina. It turns out that in their mad rush to replace the NC State government Reps. Myrick and McHenry have been lying to the press. Links below:

The Charlotte Observer has the scoop:

Reps. Sue Myrick and Patrick McHenry made a few alarming statements last week during their news conference to promote legislation to fight illegal immigration in North Carolina.

Trouble is, Myrick's claim -- that three al-Qaida members were recently arrested near the Mexican border -- isn't true.

"An honest mistake," Myrick spokesman Andy Polk said later.

And the accuracy of what McHenry said -- that some of the 9-11 terrorists had N.C. driver's licenses -- is questionable. There's no proof that any of the hijackers did; the man who masterminded the attacks might have -- 20 years ago.

Charlotte Observer | 11/14/2005 | Suggestion: Get facts before news conference

Hm, "honest mistake." I think we'll be hearing that one a lot from Republicans over the coming months and years. I think it says a lot that the legislators bullying the state had to resort to lying on the very first day of their initiative. Myrick and McHenry must know that they won't get the people of North Carolina behind them on this in the absence of a trumped-up crisis.

But (surprise!) the lies will backfire if they focus popular attention on the Republican initiative. Not only is their assault on North Carolina's leadership unconscionable, but it's redundant given that there's a bill moving through the NC legislature that could accomplish the policy change the legislators claim to want. I say "claim to want" because the Republicans' move here would be nothing more than grandstanding if our state's highway funds weren't hanging in the balance. North Carolinians will not appreciate being toyed with.

A Henderson author put it this way:

If federal highway dollars are withdrawn from the state for even the briefest period to force state action on alien driver's licenses, the GOP's opponents will use the loss of funds - and every delayed project or simple traffic jam - against the Republicans when they next run for re-election.

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Most North Carolinians have better things to do with their time than to read about politics—NC is a state with a life (present company excluded). Isn't this just another way of saying that if this majority is given a reason to stop and think about what Myrick, Jones, McHenry, Taylor, and Foxx are doing then the Fraudulent Five will be totally busted? Let's not wait for these power-hungry Republicans to undermine our infrastructure before we tell them to stuff their proposal.