Actual Vote Robin Hudson Blog Entry

As we've seen the impact that the judiciary has on the way we live our lives over the past few years in our increasingly litigious society, we should be reminded how important it is to elect good judges, and insofar as the race for the Justice Wainwright's seat on the NC supreme court the best judge that we could elect would be Robin Hudson.

While I am by no means an expert on the judicial race, nor do I have a vast amount of knowledge on the entire legal careers of the candidates I do personally know Judge Robin Hudson, and I know that she is one of the most strong, intelligent, fair, and hard-working women I have ever met. Beyond the endorsements she has recieved (listed below) and what you can read about her in the media, I can assure you that she is an incredibly impressive woman and a wonderful, thoughtful person who is running for Justice because she wants to serve the state. Judge Hudson is the best candidate in this race.

Please vote for Robin Hudson next week.

Endorsed by:
The Winston-Salem Journal

The Independent Weekly

North Carolina Association of Educators

The North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers

The North Carolina AFL-CIO

North Carolina NOW (National Organization for Women)

Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of NC

The Charlotte/Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus

Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People

The Durham People's Alliance


One correction

Must statistics show that the number of lawsuits in this country is dropping. The whole "more litigious" factoid just does not stand when you look at the numbers.

Otherwise, thanks for sharing your feelings on this race.

I didn't meet Robin Hudson

but I did meet Gore and he did not have the demeanor I would want to meet in the court room. Other than a personal ish factor...which at my age is usually pretty reliable...I can't add anything of value. I appreciate the information and will look into it before I vote.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.