Acting locally in Harnett County

This resolution received via email from Harnett County, where grassroots party members and leaders are stepping up to remind elected Democrats not to behave like Republicans.

The Harnett County Democratic Party is and always has been an organization that has valued and championed the hardworking citizens of our county. Among those hardworking citizens we recognize and include the public servants that provide services we all need and depend on. In these difficult times we urge all our county officials, when considering measures to insure financial stability for local government, to strive to protect the jobs of those employed by them.

With unemployment near record levels, adding more people to their ranks will only prove to be detrimental to our economic recovery. Furthermore, depleting the county workforce will endanger the efficiency of government and rob the county of our most valuable resource, the wealth of knowledge and experience that long time employees provide. Our public servants have shown a great deal of dedication and loyalty to Harnett County, and that should not go unnoticed and in fact should be appreciated by all concerned. Layoffs should be last on the list of options when considering budget cutting measures.

Too bad so many of the dumbbells we elect don't know the first thing about economics and economic policy. Too bad "tax" has become a four letter word in modern political discourse. I'll hand it to Republicans. They have no freakin' idea what they're for, but they sure as hell know what they're against.