Act now to pass the Healthy Youth Act! (UPDATE)

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Tomorrow morning, North Carolina's State Senate is set to vote on the Healthy Youth Act, which would finally allow comprehensive sex education to be taught in the state's schools.

After years of abstinence-only being the only "sex education" taught in NC's schools, this act will provide the opportunity for parents to allow their children to be taught realistic, science-based sex education. Polling has show that this is exactly what North Carolina parents want, and after years of teen pregnancies and STD's rising in the state, this is exactly what youth in the state need and deserve to be taught.

The House already passed the bil, so we need to make sure that the Senate approves it and sends it to the Governor's desk.

North Carolinians, please click here to tell your state senator to vote yes on the Healthy Youth Act!

UPDATE: The Senate decided not to hear the bill today, but it looks like it will come up for a vote next Tuesday. So keep sending those letters!


Please follow the link

and encourage your state senator to vote for this bill.

Thanks for posting this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Delayed till Tuesday, it appears

The Health Youth Act didn't come up for a vote today as expected, but we're hearing that it will be voted on Tuesday, so keep sending those letters!!!