The absurd glorification of Mark Robinson by the right


Yellow journalism is still alive and kicking:

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson may be the most unique political officer ever elected in North Carolina history.

Not only is he the first person of African-American descent, male or female, to be elected lieutenant governor in North Carolina history, he may be the embodiment of the idealized notion of the “citizen-politician” as envisioned by philosophers such as Aristotle, Cicero and the founders of the American Democratic Republic in 1776.

Marcus Tullius Cicero would be aghast at this reference, and would probably reiterate his quote, "They condemn what they do not understand." That's Robinson to a "T". He's taken demagoguery to a whole new level in NC politics, weaving strawmen so fast he doesn't have time to knock them all down. Next absurd comparison: George Washington:

George Washington emulated Cincinnatus when he declined to run for a third term as president in 1796. King George III didn’t believe American artist Benjamin West when told of Washington’s intent, but said: “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.”

Even royalty recognizes the virtue of true citizen-politician leadership.

The author makes several references to citizen-politicians doing their job and then leaving, but I'm not even sure what Mark Robinson's job actually is. Like Dan Forest, it appears to be constantly running for Governor, something neither of those dudes are even close to being qualified for. As far as Robinson "leaving" and going back to whatever the hell he was doing before becoming a darling of gun-nutters, he will likely ride this gravy train until voters boot him off.

Of course the author has to take a poke at the right-wing's favorite talking point, CRT:

It must seem odd to the casual observer of North Carolina politics that the first black citizen elected lieutenant governor was not a Democrat after 155 years. The proponents of critical race theory must have melted down when Robinson won last November with over 93% of his vote total coming from non-black voters.

His Democratic opponent was also an African-American, so that 93% did not choose a person of color in this race. They chose a man over a woman.

That's all I have the stomach for, my gag reflex is starting to kick in...



Robinson is the latest in the right's clown parade

He's perfect: ignorant and programmable, a mindless blob of subcutaneous blubber to go with his mindless layers of nonsensical babble. He'll continue to be the official GOP Negro as long as he stays in line.

Robinson's one of many

I look at some of the figures on the right - Robinson, Diamond and Silk, Peter "Gays for Trump" Boykin - and wonder what deep-set issue they had to get drawn into the right-wing nutcase universe.

They're people with some kind of chip on their shoulder. And right-wing operatives with some money were to swoop in, give them some ego-boosting accolades, and throw a little money their way to get them to engage in public self-loathing.

As much as Robinson's obsessions are a ridiculous outrage circus, we can't forget that he and others are being groomed and given money to play these roles. It's just another form of astroturfing.