About that comeback

Triangle Business Journal is reporting that personal income in North Carolina is rapidly falling behind the national average. In fact, year after year, our personal income has seen less growth than the national average.

North Carolina per capita personal income, percent change from year to year (U.S. average)
2013-14: 2.5% (3.0%)
2012-13: 0.4% (1.3%)
2011-12: 5.6% (4.4%)
2010-11: 3.0% (5.5%)
2009-10: 1.4% (1.9%)
2008-09: -2.2% (-3.7%)
2007-08: 1.9% (2.7%)
2006-07: 3.8% (4.4%)
2005-06: 4.7% (6.2%)

There may be more people working now, as the state adds more people to the workforce, but the amount they are being paid is less than in the past.

In fact, North Carolinians make only 86 percent of the national average of $46,129…

People in North Carolina are making 86% of the national average…. I'm not trying to be mean about it, but it reminds me of the situation women find themselves in, as they make about 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

There may be a Carolina Comeback, but it's not in wages.