An abortion debate Democrats shouldn't even be having

Yes, it is also an economic issue, but that's almost irrelevant:

It's not just a misstatement from Mr. Perez or a slight from Mr. Sanders. Democrats, in their post-election soul-searching, are trying to learn the lessons from Donald Trump's jolting victory and how they might win back the Presidency. And some--all men so far it should be noted---argue that the party should move away from so-called social issues like abortion and reproductive freedom.

Instead, these men contend, the party's focus should be on economics. The glaring mistake they make, however, is thinking that there is any way to disentangle economic rights from reproductive issues.

Gonna stop you right there, pal. Understand, I don't disagree with this assessment. Reproductive rights are critical in a woman's ability to receive a higher education, relocate geographically in pursuit of opportunities, secure a position and succeed at an occupation in our relatively unforgiving labor market, and accumulate at least a modicum of wealth from that work. But I disagree that we have to convince other Democrats those factors "elevate" the issue to something about which they should be concerned. Having control of their own bodies is both a human and civil right, and that is *all* we need to know to make this one of the Democratic Party's top issues, if not #1 itself. And if giving up advocacy for women's choice is our hot ticket to the White House again, we will be just as undeserving as the current occupant.