I'm in the crowded House Gallery this morning, waiting for the discussion and vote on HB 465 requiring a 72 hour waiting period prior to actually having an abortion.

The logic of this bill is that women are such emotional creatures they are incapable of making a decision without continually revisiting their choice. If taken to its furtherest ends, this would come to include all decisions made by women. Even the women currently serving in the House and Senate. If every legislative vote taken by a woman had to be re-examinded 72 hours later, either no business could be conducted at all or no women would be allowed to serve in this body.

This may not take long, but I will keep you informed.



abortion is a personal story

OMG-you have have to read this, most quotes.

Rep Tricia Cotham, rises. debate over abortion not an easy topic…throughout her lifetime abortion has been safe but she knows the stories of what older women went through in the past… this is a personal issue.. many of you know I have had 2 babies while serving in the legislature, but I have been pregnant 3 times while servings…. My first pregnancy ended in a physician induced miscarriage… not what we usually think of… my dr told me my pregnancy would likely not be viable and if I did not take swift action my life and the potential of any future babies would be in severe danger… the time sensitive procedures began immediately … it was awful and didn't work… iI had to take more aggressive action… with hospitalization, it was awful, painful and sad. It is and was personal…." I trusted God had a plan for me… This decision was up to me, my husband, my dr, and my God….. Not up to any of you in this chamber and I didn't take a survey…." I will always feel the loss of my first pregnancy sand the joy of my two boys…. my decision to save my life was so I could have them….. "yesterday in committee I was offended to hear that women need more time to make decisions and that we wee women needed more time to weigh options… I ask the bill's sponsors what other procedures that alter lives require 72 hours of thought… that shows the real motive here…" Let me translate for you… proponent said we are respecting women…. means women are not capable of decision and we need to help them….. Give the info she needs, means medical accuracy not required…. Heard Don't let emotions get in the way, means let Politicians get in the way.."

"this not about respect or support but about creating barriers that will unfairly harm women… about perpetuating shame and politicians wanting to play doctor…. sends terrible message to young women on how we perceive their ability to make decisions….
Sends a message of shame.."

And what a disrespect this is to our medical community and our drs.
"Abortion is a deeply personal decision not a political debate… my womb is not up for your political grab… you do not hold shares in my body… I ask you to vote no….."

Thank you, Vicki

You are doing amazing work!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Saint Vicki of Jones Street

Thank you.


"...the question is not whether we will be extremists, but what kind of extremists we will be."

Martin Luther King, Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail

House Circus

I am still trying to take in this session of the House. Every Dem in the state should be proud of our Dem reps who spoke with eloquence, power, and yes, reason, against this ideological bill.

I could only grab some of the remarks…I dropped out of high school typing class.... consider it all paraphrased unless there are " " marks… and all misspellings are my own!! Anything emboldened is because I particularly liked it.

Rep Glazier

Once more into the breech!! Bill is about power of people to govern themselves….
"today's majority is eager, even hungry to tell the world about its view of abortion--all are bad and can be avoided if we make women think and come to their senses…."

72 hour wait period,…. increased paperwork demands… to make obsticals to a woman's right. "This is Constitutional evisceration with a thousand cuts."

Law says no un-do burden… … this bill is not about basic constitutional principles.
"Bill says if 24 hours is good, 72 is better"…. no fact finding to support this…look at bill's text.. no preamble or finding of fact… "does not even pretend to be based on fact or knowledge…" why should we expect anything different… facts don't matter…

the federal court will look to the committee's record… added little of value but a grossly distorted public hearing that was a charade… not held in a star chamber but could have been.. contains no docs, no evidence, no studies, no surveys…. medical experts who were there but not allowed to talk… the provisions of this bill are unnecessary and illegal…

"the majority pays lip service to women's rights when a principle is about to be callously disregarded…."

"the majority's reasons for this bill could not withstand a gentle breeze let alone the strict scrutiny it will receive…."

in sum, burdens here are extraordinary…

the constitution-- sometimes we agree with it sometimes we don't, but we cannot ignore it.
in the first trimester the woman has the legal right to choose…

abortion opponents have never understood the woman's point of view… women will continue to find a way to end pregnancies… this law turns back the hands of time to a more cruel time…
far from being an objective right to inform, it is to show the power of govt over their lives….

the bill is untethered from reality of most women's lives… adds to the burden of poverty.

Rep Verla Insko, of Orange county:

"This bill directs the state of NC to protect women from themselves. We can't trust the woman, her family, her doctor.…. " More complications from pregnancy than from abortion… this bill supports disparaging stereotypes about women… irrational, can't make decisions….. yesterday's health committee chair ignored the curtesy of allowing both sides to speak…. this bill discriminates against POOR women… women with connections and money can always get an abortion…compromises her right to have control of her own body…. The bill discounts and demeans women. Vote no.

Rep Becky Carney

Want us all to step back a minute and think about what we are doing… all kinds of feelings going back and forth… what's missing from this bill is the fact that we are not teaching young women and men about contraception…
..there are no services to address women who have no parents, may not have good food to eat, may have had promises made to them and the guy walks away…no health insurance…
" this bill isn't going to take care of that"
If we're really going to get to the heart of this why are we not teaching ALL our young women about contraception???

Rep Carla Cunningham

It is difficult to make final decisions… but can be made with less of a burden when woman surrounded by people they love and trust… most make this decision not on the spur of the moment, but over days, weeks, even months.
"Who are we to determine when she should act"
I've been nursing over 35 years… no other med procedure req 72 hours…. not every woman is in the position to make that call to wait 72 hours…. doesn't have enough funds to hang around….
it is with great concern once more women of NC are being questioned about their capability to make these decisions…. they are capable of doing this….

The right labors under the misconception that women are not thinking through a serious decision until they arrive at a clinic. They will not recognize how much time may elapse between the thought that one might be pregnant, to the drug store pregnancy test. The woman is still working, going to school, perhaps dealing with other children she may have, even doing laundry---life does not stop because a woman thinks she may be pregnant. She does not look at the test strip and run right down to her local abortion clinic without another thought.

In fact, by the time a woman gets to an abortion clinic she has had the pregnancy on her mind constantly, probably for weeks. This is not a spur of the moment decision.

I was angry that many of our male republicans stepped out of the chamber during most of the discussion, coming in only to vote down 2 common sense amendments that were proposed. In fact, before the Speaker called for a vote, he had someone go out in the hall and call them back in. At one point, I counted 17 empty desks on the floor. Just as yesterday's House Health Committee chair adjourned the committee before allowing anyone to speak against this bill, these, our elected officials, could not be bothered to listen to any of the debate. Nothing declares this bill to be purely ideological more than that.

Rep Schaffer, the bill's sponsor, actually compared her 72 hour waiting period to the time we have to go back on a real estate contract! We have waiting periods everywhere, why not here, too!
Really! We allow people who are angry to go out and buy rifles without a waiting period.

There was a lot of talk about how young girls are when they have abortions… we were told the prefrontal cortex is not mature until about age 26… that it was about knowledge not delay… that it was about respecting women….

I can tell you my blood pressure will be elevated for days. And I will have more to say about this, as should all women in North Carolina.

This.Dammit! THIS.

Exactly this:
*In fact, by the time a woman gets to an abortion clinic she has had the pregnancy on her mind constantly, probably for weeks. This is not a spur of the moment decision.*

Just once I want to see a male legislator compelled to speak of his personal experiences with erectile dysfunction or something similar. Disgusting.

All the time

Just once I want to see a male legislator compelled to speak of his personal experiences with erectile dysfunction or something similar.

Republicans in the legislature talk about their guns and the Second Amendment frequently.

This is from WRAL's evening

This is from WRAL's evening article on today's hearing, and this part of the bill is important.

Rep. Susan Fisher, D-Buncombe, tried to amend the bill to remove the requirement that doctors performing abortions near the end of the legal window must send the patient's ultrasound to DHHS for examination.

"There is no other law in North Carolina that requires health care providers to provide copies of X-rays or ultrasounds to the state," Fisher argued. "Such images should remain in the hands of the woman's doctor and personal medical file, not in the hands of the state."

But supporters of the bill argued the ultrasounds would allow state regulators to verify that doctors are not performing abortions later than allowed by law, and the amendment failed.

Now they also want to cross-examine doctors who perform abortions, after the fact, to make sure the pregnancy had not passed that magical, legal cut-off date. This is nothing but an attempt to intimidate doctors, further preventing abortions by effectively shortening the period during which abortions are allowed.


This law is as much about intimidating individual woman as it is about intimidating doctors. Remember the recent story about the woman charged with murder who had a miscarriage? It will make it easy for a similar case to be brought here in NC if someone at NCDHHS looks at one of these things and questions it.

Perhaps most disgusting of all

is how the dishonest misogynists such as Rep. Schaffer (yes, women can be anti-woman) rationalize their obvious attempts to legislate their beliefs with crap such as "really, it's all just about women's health" and "this is empowering to people".

While she's pushing her own religious belief about a topic Jesus never mentioned, she might want to review other parts of the Bible, maybe starting with that one about not bearing false witness.


"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014