8th District's Rep. Melanie Goodwin, Sen. Purcell Make Significant Gains in Effectiveness

Entitled "Local Leader Climbs in Poll", the April 10th issue of the Richmond County Daily Journal says, in part:

Rep. Melanie Wade Goodwin (D-Hamlet) made the biggest leap in effectiveness out of all of the members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, based on a poll released this month.

The North Carolina Center for Public Policy Research Inc. showed Goodwin
vaulted from 73rd in 2005 to 31st this year — a difference of 42 places. The
only lawmaker to come close was Rep. Grier Martin (D-Wake) who went up 38 spots.
He was ranked 68th in 2005 and is now ranked 30th.

Goodwin is serving her second term in the house. She is a member of the
appropriations committee and chairman of the election law and vice chairman of
the Judiciary I committee. She also serves as a member of six other committees.

“It’s an honor,” Goodwin said of the ranking. “I can say with every passing
day I learn something new as a lawmaker. I’m learning how to get things done for
my constituents and for general citizens. A lot of what I’ve learned is that
getting legislation passed is all about the personal relationships you have with
your colleagues. I’ve worked very hard to establish relationships not just in my
party, but with members across the aisle so we can pass good laws for our

“It’s been a challenge for me, but I feel like it was the right time and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously,” Goodwin said.

To read the full article, then go to the following link:


It mentions Sen. Purcell and Rep. Goodwin, as well as Rep. Grier Martin, Speaker Joe Hackney, and others.

We are very proud of two of the Eighth District's best state legislators!

And, of course, I am most proud of Melanie. She has not only served 2 terms in the legislature (and is ready for her 3rd), but has done it with amazing grace, competence, hard work, and style. Plus, our 2nd child is expected to be born in 3 weeks ... and she is s-o-o-o much a better legislator (and better looking) than her predecessor. :) Congratulations!


I saw this news

and thought how proud you must be. We all are.