Though I've seen it coming for years, I still find it hard to believe that I turned 60 today. Apparently, a few others have a hard time believing it too.

"Damn," a conservative blogger wrote. "I thought you were some punk-assed kid living in mommy's basement. You're sixty? That's f*cking pathetic, Protzman. Grow the hell up."

Truth is, I love being an old man, a crotchety old man, at that. Old enough to be able to say exactly what I think, without worrying about the harsh judgment of others. Even better, I don't have to spend a minute considering that some future employer might be using my posts and comments as an excuse for firing me or not hiring me or whatever. I'm going to retire in three years, assuming I'm still alive.

Until then, blogging keeps me young. Though I can't say it does all that much for my blood pressure these days.


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a wonderful day.

A typical Libra

True to form. "without worrying about the harsh judgment of others" :)

I am a bird of the same feather.

Happy Birthday, now to

Happy Birthday, now to celebrate go out and work a phone bank for Bob Etheridge. :>)

I'm a moderate Democrat.


You are a great source of inspiration and constancy in your support of Bob Etheridge. Thanks for reminding us of what sustained commitment looks like.

Happy Birthday, pal

Please don't ever grow the hell up. :)

Belated best wishes for many more....

60 was sort of a shock to me...but now I'm not many years away from 70 and the way I see it, it hardly matters as long as we're on this side of the grass. Give'm hell James!

Stan Bozarth

I'll 2nd that

happy belated birthday!

Just in case I missed it on

Just in case I missed it on facebook, happy birthday! I've been a little busy this week ;-)

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