59 Days: Dole hasn't helped hard working Americans

DAY 59

Since entering the Senate six years ago, Elizabeth Dole has been in lock step with President Bush on almost every issue, including his economic policies. Yesterday, the Department of Labor announced a loss of 84,000 jobs just in the month of August, which translates into the highest unemployment rate in five years. As it turns out, Bush and Dole’s economic policies were not doing anything to help hardworking Americans. Instead of making sure good-paying jobs stay in North Carolina, Dole preferred to let her special interest friends ship those jobs overseas and stash their extra cash in her campaign war chest. Maybe Dole will feel the pinch her constituents have felt come November when she is in the unemployment line?

Unemployment Rate Highest In Five Years; 86,000 Jobs Lost In August. According to the Department of Labor’s August jobs report, the unemployment rate is now 6.1%, the highest unemployment rate in five years, after 84,000 jobs were lost in the month of August. According to the news release issued by the Department of Labor, “Over the past 12 months, the number of unemployed persons has increased by 2.2 million and the unemployment rate has risen by 1.4 percentage points, with most of the increase occurring over the past 4 months.” Over the past eight months, the economy has lost a total of 605,000 jobs. [Bureau of Labor Statistics, News Release, 9/5/08]

Dole Said Bush’s Economic Policies Were “Exactly Right.”
In August 2002, Dole told a group, “I think President Bush’s economic policies are exactly right, I don’t know about you.” [Myrtle Beach Sun-News, 8/25/02]

Dole “Tied Her Star” To Bush’s Economic Policy. In 2002, Ted Arrington, a political science professor at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, said Dole “has tied her star to the president’s” on the economy. [Cox News Service, 9/5/02]

2003: Dole Praised Bush’s State Of The Union Economic Package.
In January 2003, Dole commented on Bush’s economic package, saying that “the package is exactly what the economy needs to get back on its feet.” She also said, “Obviously, what we need is job creation, and I think that’s exactly what this package is designed to do. What he has put together impacts strongly on the middle income earners.” [ Associated Press, 1/29/03]

Dole Said Bush’s Economic Policies Were Working.
In July 2004, Dole spoke at rally for Bush’s reelection campaign. Dole said, “This is not a time to make a change from what’s working, right? It’s working, the Bush economic policies are working.” [Wilmington Star News, 07/13/04]

In 2004, Dole Praised Bush’s “Common-Sense Policies” And “Just Right” For North Carolinians.
In July 2004, Dole gave a news conference in Raleigh about the upcoming presidential election. Dole said, “President Bush’s common-sense policies are just right for the people of North Carolina.” [Raleigh News & Observer, 07/13/04]

Dole Voted With Bush 92 Percent Of The Time. Dole voted with Bush an average of 92 percent of the time from 2003 to 2007. [CQ Member Profile, 2/25/08]

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