58 Days: Dole votes to cut vital infrastructure

DAY 58

Just six weeks after tragedy struck in Minnesota when a major bridge over an interstate highway collapsed, Elizabeth Dole had the audacity to vote against a measure that would have allocated sufficient funds for bridge repair. Now, after all of Dole’s votes to cut vital infrastructure funding, the Department of Transportation is reporting that the Highway Trust Fund is almost bankrupt.


Maybe the lack of satisfactory highways is to blame for Dole’s absenteeism from North Carolina?

Highway Trust Fund Almost Broke; Construction Projects Hampered. On September 5, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters announced that the Highway Trust Fund’s highway construction account will run out of money in September of this year. As a result, federal funding for highway and bridge construction projects will be delayed. [Hendersonville Times-News, 9/6/08]

Dole Voted Against $1 Billion For Bridge Repair, Six Weeks After Minneapolis Bridge Collapsed.
In September 2007, Dole voted against providing an additional $1 billion for bridge repair on US highways. The vote took place six weeks after the tragic collapse of a bridge on Interstate 35 West in Minneapolis, MN. The amendment would have paid for the funding by tapping the Highway Trust Fund. [Vote 329, 9/10/07; Associated Press, 9/10/07]

Dole Voted Against $13.8 Billion Hike For Transportation.
In 2005, Dole voted against an amendment that increased revenue by $13.8 billion and used it to increase spending for surface transportation projects. It also added a section designating $34.7 billion for highways in fiscal 2006 and $7.1 billion for public transit. [Vote 71, 3/17/05]

Dole Voted Against $9.25 Billion For Infrastructure Maintenance. In 2004, Dole voted against an amendment that allocated $9.25 billion for the Infrastructure Performance and Maintenance Program to increase formula highway funding for all states that had a funding floor of a 90.5 percent rate-of-return in fiscal 2004. The amendment provided that the rate-of-return would have increased incrementally until it reached 95 percent in fiscal 2009. [Vote 11, 2/12/04]

Dole Opposed Increasing Spending On Transportation By $71 Billion. In 2003, Dole voted against an amendment that reduced size of the tax cut in the resolution by $1.24 trillion, and increased domestic spending in many areas, including a $71 billion increase in spending on transportation and infrastructure. [Vote 83, 3/25/03]

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