500 days

Like many of you, I get requests for campaign contributions almost every day. This year and next, I'm doing everything I can to give something, even if it's a small contribution, to any pro-choice Democrat who asks.

In this week alone, I took phone calls from one NC Supreme Court justice who will be up for re-election next year. I also talked with Sam Cooper, a retired Marine colonel who is running against George Holding in the 2nd district. My wife Jane also heard from our Governor, as well as a couple of NC House candidates. They all reminded us of how much is at stake in the upcoming cycle.

From my reading of the tea leaves, Democrats are fired up and engaged, both at the state and national level. Republicans, on the other hand, seem strangely tentative. Sure they talk a mean game, but there's a shadow behind their smiling faces. They know their party is morally bankrupt, but they can't afford to speak up. In other words, they'll trade their souls for political gain. Which means they'll have Donald Trump hanging around their necks like a stinking carcass.

This is what 2020 will be about ... Donald Fucking Trump ... and we will find out once and for all what our nation is made of.

Will we discover that we're mostly bigots who condone lying, cheating, and corruption? Will we again cede control of our elections to foreign adversaries? Will we vote more misogynists into power? Sadly, all of that is entirely possible, especially if we fail to engage the great muddled middle.

And so we must double down and do the things that always matter in elections. Recruit great candidates. Register more people to vote. Get all of our voters to the polls. Rinse and repeat.

The first day of voting in 2020 is October 14. That's 500 days from now. Get to work.



Must go after younger voters,

or I should say younger "potential" voters. There are a handful of numskulls in those ranks, but by and large, most young people are a hell of a lot more progressive than the 50+. Some of this I've gleaned from polls, and some of it from direct observation in face-to-face encounters and Facebook discussions.

Stuff like abortion, the environment, racial justice, affordable housing, a super-supermajority of young people support. But I'm not sure they have enough faith in our election system to exercise their right to vote.

But I'm also in campaign mode myself (not taking donations), and have held back some on Facebook. I've got a couple of opponents who are prone to stretch the truth (or just make shit up) in their zest to get elected, and it's only going to get worse as the election looms. Local politics can be a minefield, and I want to talk about how to improve our town, not go on the defensive over ad hominem bullshit.