50 State Blog Roundup - Winding down 2007

Things are heating up in Iowa and New Hampshire as the two states are flooded with volunteers from across the country. Many of us who can't physically be in early primary states to knock on doors are helping to call voters. What are you doing to prepare for primary season?

Here is an abbreviated list of important stories from our 50 State Blog network. Holiday travel and unexpected plans have prevented a more thorough roundup, but make sure you visit the state blogs listed in the right sidebar at Open Left and the left sidebar at MyDD.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

   DemoinesDem at Bleeding Heartland welcomes out of state volunteers as Iowa prepares for the first step in selecting our presidential nominees. They even offer user friendly caucus calculators.

New Hampshire
   Mike Caulfield at Blue Hampshire spells out his support for Chris Dodd.

   At Left in Alabama, mooncat reports on Mike Rogers, his new pac and his warped idea of what makes a good leader.

   The people of Hayward, Wisconsin show how to build a peace movement.

New Jersey
   Blue Jersey's Juan Melli doesn't seem to think much of prospective GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie. I wonder if it's all those no-bid contracts Christie delivers to his friends.

   Bob Lord is challenging John Shadegg and Zelph seems to like where he stands on the issues.

West Virginia
   At West Virginia Blue el cabrero writes, "West Virginia education and incomes: a problem and a solution".

New Mexico
   LP at New Mexico FBIHOP writes about Jon Adams who is running for congress in New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District.

   Steve Young, running in California's 48th Congressional District asks for help.

   Washington state's presidential primary and caucuses in detail. It's all you'll ever need to know.

   At My Silver State, Sven explains Harry Reid's approval disapproval...uh...well....his ratings and predicts the attacks from the left will boost old Harry's approval ratings in the next Las Vegas Review Journal poll.

   SquareState reports that the DCCC will be helping Betsy Markey oust Marilyn Musgrave.

   Jim Webb predicting Virginia goes blue in 2008.

New York
   The DailyGotham reports that building service workers, members of SEIU Local 32BJ are threatening strikes as their contracts expire on New Year's Day.

   At My Left Nutmeg, CaptCT outlines exactly why so many people no longer trust the Republican Party.

North Carolina
   At BlueNC there's an excellent live-blog session with Dan Besse, a progressive Democrat and candidate for Lt. Gov.

   Jack McCullough at Green Mountain Daily has some serious questions about a questionable insurance program.

   At New Nebraska Network, Ryan Anderson outlines his support for Obama.

   Mediaczech at Bluegrass Roots reports there might be a hitch to getting rid of Mitch.....McConnell. (I'm so sorry....I just had to do it.)