50 State Blog Roundup - Happy New Year

Happy New Year and Congratulations to Iowa Democrats on the excellent turnout for yesterday's caucuses.

Below is an abbreviated roundup for our 50-State community blogs. Enjoy reading up on what's important in states across the country. Onward to New Hampshire!

   Silence Dogood writes what has been on many Georgia Democratic activists minds. Mike Jacobs is the most recent party switcher in Georgia.

   Has Utah State Representative Craig Frank ever faced an opponent?

   What Might Have Been: "George Allen's Curse"

   Here's some insider information on her precinct's caucus results from Demoinesdem, who did a great job explaining the caucus procedures to us over the past several weeks.

New Hampshire
   2008 brings civil unions to New Hampshire and Blue Hampshire has a post on one of the first in the state.

North Carolina
   BlueNC hosted congressional candidate Larry Kissell for our first live-blog of 2008. Come by and read his comments and while you're visiting let us know what you think of our new site design.

   Corporate bagman Congressman Al Wynn is coming round to robocall.

West Virginia
   West Virginia Blue revisits the most popular diaries of 2007.

   My Silver State informs us that El Mundo, Southern Nevada's Spanish language newspaper, is endorsing Hillary Rodham Clinton.

   At Left in Alabama, Julie expounds on "Life, Liberty and Happiness."

   At Michigan Liberal, Eric B has a good discussion going on about whether Michigan is being ignored and whether moving the primary date up achieved the desired results. Here's the scoop on how early voting is going so far in Michigan's Jan 15th primary

   At FLA Politics they're covering a phony tax crisis....among many other things.

At Tennessee Views they're discussing reasons for low voter turnout in, "Your vote definitely won't count if you don't vote".

   Democratic State Sen. Ken Gordon trying to push SoS Mike Coffman (R-Questionable Ethics) to use paper ballots after massive e-machine decertification

New York
   The Albany Project notices that Kirsten Gllibrand's (NY-20) self financing challenger has already triggered the FEC's so called 'Millionaire's Amendment' a full year before E-day '08.

   Greenlynndemocrat tells it like it is on Bloomberg's threat to enter the presidential race.

North Dakota
   It looks like Chet has opened up a big old can of worms over at North Decoder.

   Calitics reports on the retirement plans of Rep. Tom Lantos who has been diagnosed with espohogeal cancer.

New Mexico
   A candidate for Congress, Don Wiviott, is going to challenge a new law restricting the number of people who can get on a ballot.

   In Connecticut campaign contributions are now easier to track.

New Jersey
   At Blue Jersey they're discussing growing opposition to Corzine's school funding formula.

   At Show Me Progress, Blue Girl is wondering, "What do you give the FBI when it already has everything, including our Fourth Amendment Rights?"

   At Fired Up Missouri they're looking for Governor Matt Blunt and find him playing dress up all over the state.

   Prairie State Blue offers us some background on their 2007 Profile In Courage recipient Dan Kotowski.


Thanks, A

Believe it or not, the blogad sales this has generated has helped all the state sites. I know we probably have more traffic than a lot of the sites and we have a more active community, but the information available on many of these sites is excellent and I always learn something.

I have handled the roundup through the holidays, but am seeking volunteers (not from BlueNC - from other state blogs) to handle the roundup in the coming weeks so I can concentrate on BlueNC.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Switching in Dekalb is a team contact sport?

Georgia....Mike Jacobs has switch again? * Paraphasing

Mike has a new nickname in Georgia by both parties. "Switchtrain Mike" Mike lives on the wrong side of the tracks in DeKalb and it not usual for candiates in DeKalb to jump back and forth. In fact in one recent Sheriff Race a few years ago. The present Sheriff jump to the Republican party after losing in a Democrat primary to his deputy....He emerge as the winner in the General election as a Republican when DeKalb voters decided to take out C. McKinney for her anti-war, pro-Muslin statements....It didn't help when her Father a old pro in Dekalb and state politics accuse the Jews of DeKalb for being behind the movement to remove his daughter...

The new or old Sheriff lasted about 1 year in office when his deputy ran against him in a recall election and won.....The Old Sheriff decided that was enough and had the new Sheriff blown away with a hit contract by local inmates in his jail...The old Sheriff is now serving 400 years in the Georgia Department of Corrections after being found guilty by a massive mob of Dekalb county citizens. His new nickname is now.." Switch and Bait Charlie "

ps...the hitmen were given no time for their services and snitching out the old Sheriff and now working as political consultants in DeKalb

Mike Jacobs is a Republican member of the Georgia House of Representatives representing District 80, which makes up portions of DeKalb County.

Jacobs is an attorney by profession. He earned his law degree (J.D.) from the University of Georgia School of Law in 2003. He was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2004 as a Democrat. Before leaving the Democratic party, he told Creative Loafing of his discussions to switch his party affiliation. Although his district leans Democratic, Jacobs has shown his support for a number of Republican initiatives, including voting for the Republican Speaker, Glenn Richardson, the Republican rules for the House of Representatives, removing low income residents from PeachCare, and lowering the number of jurors needed to impose the death penalty.[citation needed]

On June 19, 2007, Jacobs switched to the Republican Party.[1]