#4Pizzas and the Wake County Budget

Hi all,

Thanks to BlueNC for continuing to keep the spotlight on state and national issues. But I have a local one for you to think about.

You may know that I am running for Wake County Commission. I hope you've had a chance to see my first ad in my campaign. The theme is "Four Pizzas." You can see the ad below, and more details at 4Pizzas.org. If you like what you see, and you support paying Wake County's teachers a fair salary closer to the national average, please urge your commissioner to support the School Board's budget request.

While you're at it, come on over to BurnsforWake.org and read about my campaign, volunteer and maybe even contribute a dollar or two.

I intend to win this thing. Thanks for your help.




Good luck, John!

Please keep us posted as the campaign unfolds.


Surprised that local stories get so little traction on this site.

Or maybe it's just me!


Education, Transit, Sustainable Economic Growth

It's probably just you


It's been my experience that local stories get good traction here when (1) the person writing the post is a regular contributor or (2) the topic can be tied to a broader statewide issue.

That said, this is a great promotion and I hope it works for you!


I've been posting here since at least 2008 and this is about teacher pay. So let's go!! ;-)

Education, Transit, Sustainable Economic Growth