45 Minutes Left to Support Healthy Youth Act

Please take action immediately on the following:

Dear Betsy,

If you make one call this afternoon, please make it to Senator Eddie Goodall at (919) 733-7659 to voice your support of the two-track version of the Healthy Youth Act, House Bill 88. The most effective time to make the call will be between 1 and 3pm today, so go ahead and mark your calendar, set an alert on your phone or computer, set your alarm clock or kitchen timer and get ready! The call will only last a minute, but it can make a huge difference in the lives of kids in our schools.

To get you up to speed: Last week in the Senate Committee Mental Health and Youth Services, a new version of the Healthy Youth Act that diminishes choices for parents and will subject all children to biased and inaccurate information was unveiled. The new version does away with the two-track version allowing parents to decide whether they want their child to receive abstinence until marriage or abstinence based comprehensive sexuality education. Instead, the bill now requires that all children be taught the currently mandated abstinence program, which is filled with biased, medically inaccurate material, and then tacks on some teaching about pregnancy prevention and sexually transmitted disease prevention at the end. To make matters worse, while the current draft allows parents to opt out of the comprehensive portion of the program, they may NOT opt their child out of the possibly biased and shame-based abstinence until marriage program.

This bad version of the Healthy Youth Act (House Bill 88) passed committee, but has not been brought to the Senate floor yet.

We need you to call Senator Goodall at (919) 733-7659 TODAY, June 16th, between the hours of 1 and 3 pm and ask them to support parents' choice and the two-track system by restoring the House version of the bill.

You will be part of a major state wide effort by a number of organizations that have signed on to support the Healthy Youth Act in its original form. We hope to flood the North Carolina Senate with calls today and make a statement that we must stop playing around with the health of young people!

Please call today. If you cannot make the call, you can also send a quick e-mail to Senator Goodall from their website. (Find their site here: http://eqfed.org/equalitync)

Thank you for setting aside a minute of your Tuesday to make a difference for North Carolina's students!


PS--Got two minutes and want to help students even more? Urge your representative to support the School Violence Prevention Act here!


Goodall is actually my Senator

I think you all should probably call your own..... hehe :D


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

mine too

and he hates me.

Another thing we have in common

'Course, not sure Goodall actually knows me well enough to hate me and his staff is always nice to me when I call, but he sure doesn't like what I stand for.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

He hates me

A couple of years ago I sent him an email asking him to support a bill. I got an email back a couple of weeks later from a staffer, who I believe is related to him, informing me that the bill would not be voted on that session and Sen. would be voting no on it if it did come up.

I "gently" let her know that the bill came up the week before I got her email and the Sen. had voted yes on it. The Sen. took exception to my gentleness.

Senator Eddie Goodall just called me

and he assured me he doesn't know of anyone he hates.

I'm not lying. The man called me because he wanted to make sure we knew he didn't hate anyone.

I still don't think point for point he would agree with us much on anything, but we talked about a couple of different pieces of legislation and he sounded reasonable on points he was making...which actually stinks. It would be much easier if he was a bona fide lunatic.


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.