40% decline in teaching majors will lead to teacher shortage

Did you know it's National Teacher Appreciation Week?

WBTV in Charlotte highlights a new report on universities in the state that are seeing a decline in education majors by 20-40%, putting education departments at universities in jeopardy. UNCC, seeing a decline in interest among young people in an education major, are aiming their classes towards people who might be interested in the field as a second career.

Charlotte's historically Black college, Johnson C. Smith University, is closing its Department of Education next year.

The report states the reason. "The findings revealed low numbers of students entering the University with an interest in majoring in education. The findings indicated clearly that the department was no longer financially viable."

North Carolina teachers have expressed their frustrations over low pay, low morale, and respect for the profession disappearing.

Teachers have been leaving North Carolina to either go to other school districts where they pay teachers more or leave the teaching profession altogether for higher paying jobs.

The Dean of Education at UNCC, Ellen McIntyre, predicts a shortage of qualified teachers in a few years.