39 Days: Dole's Votes Against Tax Cuts for the Middle Class

DAY 39

Today Kay will unroll her plans to advocate for middle class families whose interests have been relegated to last place by politicians like Elizabeth Dole. In addition to voting with President Bush 92% of the time, Dole has consistently voted against tax cuts for middle class families in favor of extending those benefits for the wealthiest in the country. Since June, she has voted 3 times against tax cuts for the hardworking middle class. In this economy, policies like that just don’t make sense for families who have been left to clean up after Wall Street’s greediness.

Since June, Dole Voted Against Middle Class Tax Cuts 3 Times. Dole voted against an array of tax breaks aimed at the middle class 3 times in the last 5 months. The tax breaks include extending the tuition deduction, extending the deduction for state and local sales tax, expands the child tax credit, extends the teacher expense deduction, extends the research and development tax credit, and patches the alternative minimum tax for one year. The tax cuts would be paid for by closing loopholes used by hedge fund managers and multinational corporations. [Vote 190, 7/29/08; Vote 147, 6/10/08; Vote 150, 6/17/08]

Dole Voted Against Extending $180 Billion In Middle-Class Tax Cuts. The Senate budget, which Dole voted against, authorized $180 billion to preserve tax cuts aimed at the middle class, including credits for married couples and families with children. [Vote 114, 3/23/07; Associated Press, 3/22/07]

Dole Voted Against Non-Binding Resolution Prioritizing Middle-Class Tax Cuts Over Tax Cuts For The Wealthy. In February 2006, Dole voted against amending the $70 billion tax reconciliation bill to express the senate of the Senate that middle-class alternative minimum tax relief should be a higher priority than extending low rates on capital gains and dividends that benefit wealthier Americans. [Vote 9, 2/2/06; CQ Today, 2/2/06]

Dole Voted Against Cutting Tax Cuts For The Wealthy In Order To Expand Families Covered By Lowest Tax Rate. Dole voted against a substitute to the 2003 Bush tax bill which would have frozen the highest tax rates and tripled the amount of income that was subject to the lowest tax rate. The amendment would retain the original bill’s changes to the child tax credit, marriage penalty and alternative minimum tax. The changes would be offset by eliminating the bill’s dividend tax cuts. [Vote 168, 5/15/03]

Dole Voted For Tax Cuts For Businesses Over Families. Dole voted for an amendment to the 2003 Bush tax cuts that would exempt 50 percent of dividend payments from taxation in 2003, increasing to 100 percent from 2004 through 2006. Dividend tax rates would return to their present levels in 2007. It would allow businesses investing $400,000 or less annually to write off up to $100,000 of those expenses from 2003 through 2007. The changes would be offset by reductions in tax breaks to married couples contained in the underlying bill. The vote was 50-50, with Vice President Cheney breaking the tie. [Vote 171, 5/15/03; Associated Press, 5/15/03]

Dole Voted Against A Substitute To Bush Tax Bill That Included Wage Credit, Child Tax Credit And Business Stimulus.
Dole voted against a substitute amendment to the 2003 Bush tax cut package that would create a wage credit of up to $765 per worker or $1,530 per working couple while giving an equivalent tax credit to employers. It would provide $52 billion in fiscal relief to states, accelerate reductions in the so-called marriage penalty, increase the child tax credit to $1,000 by 2006, allow businesses to write off $100,000 in investment for one year, create a 50 percent tax credit for small business health care expenses, create wage credits for employers in Renewal Communities, create a 50 percent tax credit for companies with employees in the National Guard and Reserves and extend unemployment benefits by 13 weeks. It would be offset by restrictions on corporate use of off-shore tax shelters and an increase in customs user fees. [Vote 162, 5/15/03; Advocate, 5/16/03]

Dole Stood With Bush And Voted Against Substitute Plan To Cut Payroll Taxes. Dole voted against a substitute amendment to the 2003 Bush tax cut package that would have cut federal payroll taxes for two years and given $40 billion in aid to states and localities. It also would have increased the amount businesses could deduct for equipment costs, extended federal unemployment benefits and expanded eligibility for the benefits to low-wage and part-time workers. [Vote 160, 5/15/03; Palm Beach Post, 5/16/03; Congressional Record, 5/14/03, 5/15/03]

Dole Voted Against Expanding The Child Tax Credit. In November 2005, Dole voted against expanding the income threshold used to calculate the child tax credit to benefit six million families and making over 600,000 additional working families eligible for the credit. [Vote 346, 11/17/05; Congressional Record, 11/17/05]

Dole Voted Against Giving A Child Tax Credit To All Families Regardless Of Income. In 2003, Dole voted against an amendment to require that all recipients of a $400 child tax credit in Bush’s “Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003” receive the full payment regardless of their income. The amendment also accelerated Bush’s dividend tax cuts by one year. These provisions would be offset by eliminating the bill’s 10 percent increase in dividend income excluded from taxation from 2008 through 2012. [Vote 151, 5/15/03]

Dole Voted Against Expanding the Child Tax Credit for Low-Income Families. In July 2003, Dole voted against expanding the refundable child tax credit and allowing low-income families to claim a cash payment equal to 15 percent of their taxable income that exceeds $10,500, up to $1,000 per child. The measure “would not expand child credit benefits for higher income families, and it would enact restrictions on certain corporate tax accounting practices as offsets, instead of customs user fees, to pay for its smaller $3.5 billion cost.” On a party line 51-45 vote, the Senate blocked consideration of the bill. [Vote 266, 7/9/03; CQ Daily Monitor, 7/9/03]

Dole Voted Against Creating A $5,000 Tax Credit For Family Caregivers.
In 2003, Dole voted against creating a $5,000 tax credit per year for family caregivers. [Vote 169, 5/15/03]

Dole Voted Against Providing A Long-Term Care Tax Credit Of Up To $5,000 For Family Caregivers. On March 21, 2003, Dole voted against reducing Bush’s tax cuts and providing a long-term family care tax credit. The amendment would have reduced tax cuts in the budget resolution by $35 billion to provide a tax credit of up to $5,000 for family caregivers who provided long-term care needs. The tax credit would have been good for costs including prescription drugs, medical bills, durable medical equipment, home health care custodial care, respite care, adult day care, transportation to chronic care or medical facilities, and specialized therapy. [Vote 72, 3/21/03]

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