38 Days: In 2004, Dole was too busy campaigning with Bush to come to NC

DAY 38

In 2004, Elizabeth Dole campaigned all across the country for George Bush’s reelection campaign. Here in North Carolina, where she only spent 34 days that year, she lauded Bush’s policies as “just right” for North Carolinians. Four years later, what’s the result of those policies? Hardworking families are facing the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, gas prices are near $4 a gallon, college is farther out of reach and healthcare costs are astronomical. And Elizabeth Dole has been with Bush 92% of the time in supporting the policies that brought North Carolinians to this point.

Dole Campaigned Extensively For George W. Bush in 2004.
Dole campaigned in eight states on behalf of George Bush in 2004, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and North Carolina. [Charlotte Observer, 09/28/04; Kansas City Star, 09/04/04; St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 09/04/04; Charlotte Observer, 08/20/04; Raleigh News & Observer, 07/13/04]

Dole Said Bush’s Economic Policies Were Working. In July 2004, Dole spoke at rally for Bush’s reelection campaign. Dole said, “This is not a time to make a change from what’s working, right? It’s working, the Bush economic policies are working.” [Star News, 07/13/04]

In 2004, Dole Praised Bush’s “Common-Sense Policies” As “Just Right” For North Carolinians. In July 2004, Dole held a news conference in Raleigh about the upcoming presidential election. Dole said, “President Bush’s common-sense policies are just right for the people of North Carolina, and I am committed to helping his re-election efforts for the sake of America’s safety and prosperity. I find Senator Kerry’s pessimistic and wavering ideas troublesome for North Carolinians and wrong for America’s future.” [Raleigh News & Observer, 07/13/04]

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