37 Days: Dole supports companies that send our jobs overseas

DAY 37

In the wake of the biggest financial meltdown since the 1920s, hardworking North Carolinians are not sure what the future holds in terms of job security. Elizabeth Dole’s history of leaving North Carolina jobs vulnerable to outsourcing should not bring them much comfort. In 2005, she voted in favor of tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. Not a big surprise, though - Dole has taken over half a million dollars from companies that outsource their labor. It is the best interests of those companies that Dole has protected as a U.S. senator.

Dole Voted In Favor Of Tax Breaks For Companies That Send Jobs Overseas. In 2005, Dole voted against an amendment that would repeal $3.2 billion in tax incentives for domestic companies that move their manufacturing plants to offshore locations. In 2004, Dole voted against an amendment that would have struck $39 billion in tax breaks on overseas income and provided an immediate 9 percent tax deduction for domestic manufacturers. In 2004, Dole also voted against prohibiting American tax dollars from being used to ship jobs outside the country. [Vote 63, 3/17/05; Vote 90, 5/11/04; Vote 41, 3/11/04]

Dole Opposed Forcing U.S. Companies To Pay Taxes On Domestic Sales Of Products Made Abroad.
In May 2004, Dole voted against an amendment “to force U.S. companies to pay taxes on money they earn from domestic sales of products they make abroad.” [Vote 83, 5/5/04; Washington Post, 05/06/04]

Dole Has Taken Nearly $600,000 From Outsourcers. Since her first run for Senate in 2002, Dole has accepted $598,499 from the political action committees of companies that have either sent American jobs overseas, or choose to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers. [CNN, Accessed 8/1/08; Dole FEC Report, 7/31/08]

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