36 Days: Dole's Limited Time in NC

DAY 36

After living in Washington for 40 years, Elizabeth Dole re-registered as North Carolinian in 2001 to wage a bid for Jesse Helms’ U.S. Senate seat. Since then, the numbers prove that Dole still does not consider North Carolina home. In 2006, Dole spent just 13 days in North Carolina, choosing instead to campaign for Republicans running for Senate in other states. Her “neighbors” in Salisbury aren’t sure where she lives or what to think, and have admitted that they see her housekeeper far more often than they see her. Kay is a true North Carolinian who has raised a family and made a life here – she knows that being a North Carolinian means more than just a voter registration card.

Dole Lived In Washington For Most Of Her Life, Returned To North Carolina To Run For Senate.
A report by Media General noted that Dole “spent almost her entire adult life in Washington before establishing residency in her birth state in 2001 in order to run for Senate.” [Media General, 9/26/08]

No One Disputes The Fact That Dole Spent Too Little Time In North Carolina. Jennifer Duffy, a senior editor for the Cook Political Report, said “no one disputes the charge that [Dole] didn't spend enough time in the state during the first four years of her term." [Media General, 9/26/08]

2003: Dole Spent 55 Days In North Carolina. Media General reported that “travel records show Dole spent about two months in the state during her first year in office.” [Media General, 9/26/08]

2004: Dole Spent 34 Days In North Carolina. Media General reported that Dole spent 34 days in North Carolina in 2004. [Media General, 9/26/08]

2005 – 2006: Dole Spent 33 Days In North Carolina While Running The NRSC; Only 13 Days In 2006. Between 2005 and 2006, while Dole led efforts to elect Senate Republicans as chair of the NRSC, Dole spent only 33 days in North Carolina. During 2006, she spent only 13 days in North Carolina. [Media General, 9/26/08]

2007: With An Election Year On The Horizon, Dole Spent 50 Days In North Carolina In 2007. Media General reported that records show that Dole spent 50 days in North Carolina in 2007 “as she geared up for re-election” the next year. [Media General, 9/26/08]

2008: Dole Returned To North Carolina With Election Nearing. Media General reported that Dole “has spent more than three months in North Carolina in 2008. Her frequent travel across North Carolina this year is a departure from previous years, when she spent much less time in the state, a review of Senate travel records shows.” Records show that Dole has spent 97 days in North Carolina, more than the last three years combined. [Media General, 9/26/08]
Dole’s Office Blamed Poor Record Keeping. According to the report by Media General, Dole’s Senate office said that due to “record-keeping issues, they said they were unable to locate her daily schedule for prior dates.” Dole’s office also claimed that “If the schedule was available, it would likely show many more days spent in the state.” [Media General, 9/26/08]

Richard Burr Returns To North Carolina “Far More Frequently Than Dole.”
Media General reported that “North Carolina's other Republican senator, Richard Burr, appears to return to North Carolina far more frequently than Dole. He spends virtually every day when Congress is not in session in the state, records show.” Burr said, “My wife lives in North Carolina, her husband lives in Washington. As you try to balance personal and professional, you have to take into account your need to spend time with your family. My exposure in North Carolina would be totally different if my wife lived in Washington, D.C.,” where Senator Dole’s husband, Bob, lives. [Media General, 9/26/08]

“Public Records Show It’s Not Clear What [Dole] Considers Her Official Residence. Media General reported that “a review of the addresses Dole lists on public records show it's not clear what she considers her official address. The address on her voter registration in North Carolina, for example, now lists her Salisbury home. Until 2007, it listed the Watergate condo. And Federal Election Commission records of campaign contributions made by Dole alternately list her address as Salisbury and, as recently as this year, Washington.” [Media General, 9/26/08]

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So tell me ...

Since Kay Hagan served in the NC Senate, the state's budget has almost doubled. Is that what we can expect from her in Washington? We already have enough big spenders there!