35 days

The North Carolina electorate is nothing if not fickle. Given the chance to lambaste whoever is in power, they will. The same applies for the media. "Controversy" is a core news value.

As I see it today, on September 9, 2010, both the electorate and the media are deep in a hissyfit. Frustrated by the disastrous legacy of the Bush years and the less-the-perfect performance of Democrats, they are all looking for someone to blame. In response to this tantrum, the media have embraced the delusion that Republicans might magically have answers to the very problems they've created.

Republican leaders have no answers. They have no plans. They have no vision. And how could they? Because beneath it all, the people at the top have no integrity. One need look no farther than the unapologetic lies of being spread every week by Americans for Prosperity.

It is often said that "it ain't over until it's over." And that's more true in elections than in almost any other arena. The winners are those who get their voters to the polls.

Early voting starts in 35 days. We have just over a month make our case. In my view, that case is mud simple:

You think things are bad now? You have no idea. Republican majorities in Raleigh and Washington would cut the legs out from under America's fragile recovery. Republican majorities in Raleigh and Washington would decimate public schools in North Carolina. Republican majorities in Raleigh and Washington would deepen the growing divide between the rich and the middle class. Republican majorities in Raleigh and Washington would make today's problems feel like a walk in the park.

It's time to get off our asses and quit bitching. It's time to stand up and speak out on behalf of those Democrats you support who will hold the line against the disaster that Republican "leadership" would bring.

Americans are fickle. They are flirting with the idea of "throwing the bums out," but you can already see them having second thoughts. You can sense the momentum shifting already. 10.2.10 is a big deal, a march on Washington that will make Glen Beck's sideshow look like a pathetic pity party.

President Obama is stepping up. BlueNC is stepping up.

Will you?


I'm going to hold my nose and vote Democratic

even if I have to go home and vomit for an hour...because you're right. If the Republicans gain majorities we are sooooo screwed. I haven't seen or heard of a one that isn't a wpos. Integrity? what's that? Ethics? What's that? both parties...unfortunately...but still....since I have to choose.

Stan Bozarth

Canvass and Phone bank

Thank you James.

Now call your local precinct or party or go to their website and offer two hours per week from now til election.

While you may know there is an election, there are lots of people who do not know about midterms.

Does anyone really want the Repubs to draw the next Congressional district lines?

There are voters who are going to vote only if we call them up and tell them that in the midterms, we are going to send a Democrat to Washington who will support the President, yeah, the President who pulled the economy out of the muddy ditches, the one who did eventually turn health care around from the ditch.

In the next two years we are either headed back into the ditch, or moving toward the road.

Either you believe in the fiscal policies of the right, and the social policies of the hard right, or you do not.

The country is "possessed" by a pretty right wing wish for simplicity. And the Democrats are not as good at militaristic obedience.

But I believe lives are at stake, so I am spending six hours per week phoning and knocking to explain why I believe in voting for the Democrats, sometimes with my nose held.

The Democrats are alot like my family. Imperfect, annoying, frail.


Out of steam vs. fresh batteries?

As a 14yr resident Yankee transplant, this “throw the bums out” attitude is one of the first things I noticed while trying to assimilate and get past the “culture shock” of my move. I’ve often wondered why things are like that here in NC. Observations are one thing - finding reasons are another. Being the inquisitive liberal that I am, I always want to know why, so that I at least understand. This, and opposition to unions, are the 2 things that baffle me about most of my neighbors. Anyone have any ideas or explanations?

While Republicans seem to be in a perpetual 24/7 campaign mode – and everything they have done since Nov. 4, 2008 (rather than governing) is about “regaining power” in 2010 – we are just now concentrating on midterms. I think these are the same people who bring us Christmas sales beginning in August. Hopefully, that will prove once again to be their mistake. While they run out of steam we have a fresh set of batteries. I’m “fired up – ready to go”. Let’s get ’r done people.