$2,900,000,000,000.00 Budget (political cartoon)

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Ok, I am not a football fan, I am not much of an organized sports fan for that matter. Give me mountain climbing or cross-country cycling any day. But as most Americans did, I watched the Superbowl and the best thing about it was the Half-Time Show!

So this morning I am at the gym trying to kill myself and I hear the price tag of Bush's new budget, $2.9 trillion - that is in U.S. dollars, not lyra, rupees or sheckels. Dollars. I almost fell out of my lat pulldown machine!

The Boston Herald sums it up nicely:

Responding to the new political realities of a Democratic-controlled Congress, Bush will propose balancing the budget in five years, matching a goal put forward by Democratic leaders. But Bush would achieve that feat while protecting his cherished first-term tax cuts.

The arrival of the massive four-volume set of green budget books, which will cover the budget year that begins next Oct. 1, will be followed by months of debate in Congress. Democrats charged that Bush wants to make painful cuts across a wide swath of government programs while protecting tax cuts that will make the deficit worse after 2012.

I am unsure who gets the duty of breaking the bad news to Mr. Bush, but the U.S. Treasury only takes in about $2 trillion a year, that leaves us with about a $900 billion deficit - and that is not counting all the stuff that has probably been left out of this version.

And all of this while maintaining the choking tax cuts for all of Bush's pals at the top of the food chain. If they want a tax cut so bad how about this? I propose a 7% tax cut for everyone - all across the board. All we need to do is pay off the debt and that will save us 7% a year in interest payments! (source - pdf)


I Read the News Today -

Oh, boy...

Bush plans for 2012 Surplus ...by implementing cuts in domestic (spending) priorities in education and health care, law enforcement and veterans - while keeping intact the tax cuts for the wealthiest among us.

Slowing increases to Medicare and Medicaid. Limiting services to existing and new veterans.

No money for 'We the People' but an additional $100 billion for Iraq.

No money for 'We the People' but an 11% increase for the Pentagon.

No money for the troops in Iraq to have adequate armor and ammunition but money for the Navy to push farmers off their land with an OLF.

This man had a surplus when he took office. It took the American people 8 years to build it; it took him 6 months to spend it. And I'm supposed to believe this plan will balance our budget.

I don't think so. None of his plans have led to American prosperity. This one won't either.


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Is it time ...

Is it time for the Pentagon to hold a bake sale for bullets? Or sell Lotto tickets?

Dharma Pup

Bakesales for Bombers

We tried that back in the 80's.

We came up with enough money for a set of tires. :p

So that's what Trillion looks like

This is criminal....I hope the Dem majority is ready to have him account for each and every penny!

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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A small joke about big numbers:

Human being: ...and it isn't just the US that is paying the price of this misguided war. Just last week 7 Brazilian soldiers were killed while on patrol in southern Iraq.

Bushbot: Wow. A Brizillion is a lot, right?

Humor shamelessly ripped off from Brian.