In 250 Words or Less


Makes sense

This argument has always made sense to me. Why would we expect anyone to be good at something they hate? What's more, wingers also don't trust government. which is a perfect explanation for their compulsive lying, cheating, stealing and general corruption. They're training their fellow Americans not to trust government either.

"We didn't know the levees broke?" Why would they lie about that except on some deep-seated instinct? They're like five year olds who figure a lie is as good as the truth.

So I say wingers everywhere: You hate government? You don't trust government? Shut the hell up. Who cares what you think.

And if you're a Republican who doesn't hate government . . . what the hell are you doing in that party?

I agree, but...

Before you go ripping something down; you had best have something better to replace it with, in hand and ready to go. I wonder if "Curious George W" is learning this, as we speak, in Iraq. Somehow I seriously doubt it. A couple of more adages come to mind here.
"People who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones." Or is that "stow thrones."
And in the immortal words of Jesus; "Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone."
We Dems' had better have a better plan in place and ready to go; (known in the business as a Platform.) So far there doesn't seem to be one.

Hey old man.

I agree that the Dem platform is not well articulated . . . but I think the fundamental elements are clear:

The common good
Trust and integrity
Competence and results
Freedom and responsibility

Each of these breaks down into other layers. For example, working for the common good demands environmental stewardship and "safety nets" for those at risk.

And while we have work to do in each of these areas to get better and better, we're lightyears ahead of Republicans. And to stay ahead, we need to clean our own house continually. Which is exactly why Jim Black needs to step down.