2021 NC Municipal Elections


Property taxes, water & sewer rates, downtown revitalization, planning & zoning, police and fire departments, affordable housing, all of these things and more are determined by your local elected officials. And your vote in these elections carries more weight than in any other elections, especially since turnout is historically low. Just do it. In and out with the quickness, no lines or very short ones (see turnout). I'm going right now to vote, and then work the polls, as long as my energy holds up...



Voted, of course...

since I literally haven't missed a single election I was eligible to vote in (at any level) since I turned 18, and that was a very long time ago. Durham has pretty much turned out as everyone expected (and as I voted) so that was nice. The day also saw the stealth Republican running for Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education go down to defeat, whixh was a serious relief, since that's my district and none of us wanted the headaches she would have caused the schools if she'd won. So, locally at least, a good election day.