Open thread: 2020 NCDP (virtual) County Conventions today

I hereby declare the alternate title of these proceedings shall be referred to as "Herding Cats Online." Just kidding. But seriously. This is going to be complicated enough as it is without our usual standard, "I would like to speak, even though I really haven't formulated a relevant argument on that subject I have yet to choose to be outraged about, I'm just counting on the Holy Spirit of Democracy to move me in the right direction." I'd like to say that was hyperbole, but I cannot tell a lie. Let's just get the business done. See you at High Noon.



Thought about making this an open thread,

and please feel free to use it as such if the Holy Spirit moves you. But I can't walk and chew gum (without swallowing it) at the same time, much less video conference and make pithy comments on another platform...

Thanks for the thread

Jane and I are going to our convention today at noon. It seems to be well-organized so far, and I'm hopeful that it will go smoothly.

Just to say it, this kind of virtual participation is something I've wanted to be able to do all along. Some people (Jane) love going to these things to see people and catch up. For me, however, it's a fate worse than death. I didn't know how much I hated it until my short-lived campaign for governor four years ago. Being at big meetings with tons of people nearly killed me.

I am hopeful as well

We'll see when it comes to voting. Hopefully the anonymous nature of the old fill out the card and fold it will be preserved in some fashion. I don't mind open voting (hand raised or verbal) when accepting resolutions and confirming unopposed candidates. But when you've got 2-3 friends/acquaintances running for the same position, it's a totally different prospect.

Political polarization

I needed somewhere to write this, and didn't want to get on Facebook with it.

I'm discovering just how bad the Trump era is in terms of personal rifts: my daughter's future father-in-law has turned out to be a strong supporter of the Worst President Ever. It breaks my heart. He's a really wonderful guy in almost every way, and has a strong commitment to social justice in some areas, but boy-oh-boy, he has huge blind spots about Trump. I can't even get my head around it.

I've told him there's no point in us having political discussions because I don't want my daughter to get stuck in the middle.

So sad.

Steve, how is your convention going?

Ours is pretty smooth except for one person who wanted to see Y/N votes for every little thing. Instead, we recorded only N votes, with those being silent recorded as Y. Seems to be working pretty well, but wouldn't hold up if there were contentious issues or close votes.

Yeah, there's always a few...

And it's kinda like paddling a kayak. Once the balance gets off a little bit, the problems can cascade until you're gasping for breath and splashing around like a wounded seal.

Okay, that was a little over-dramatic, but still...

Hoo, boy...

That was more of a struggle than it should have been. In case you were unaware, not everybody has the same skill levels navigating computer stuff like Zoom meetings, and (especially) separate platforms like Google vote(?) that need to be launched from time to time.

But in retrospect, it took about the same amount of time as in-person conventions, so I guess we'll call it a victory.