2010 PDNC Annual Convention Nov. 13th


Progressive Democrats of NC Annual Meeting

Creating a Progressive Paradigm

“A paradigm shift occurs when a question is asked inside the current

paradigm that can only be answered from outside it".

Marilee Goldberg, The Art of the Question.

Saturday, November 13

Shared Visions Retreat Center
3717 Murphey School Rd.
Durham, NC 27705 (rural Orange County)

Lunch catered by Weaver Street Market Hillsborough

8:30 am Set-up

9:00 am Registrations (have coffee, tea, juice, water, fruit, bagels and pastries available)

9:30 am Welcome and Introductions

9:45 am Elections of Officers and Inductions into Advisory Committee

10:15 am Gene Nichol on The Moral Imperative for a Progressive Narrative and Vision

11:15 am Break

11:30 am Chris Fitzsimon on the election (title tba)

12:30 pm Lunch

1:30 pm Panel: addressing six key areas and their tipping points (why we face system failure in each):

A. financial system/economy
B. labor rights/jobs
C. democracy/elections/politics/redistricting
D. peace & redirecting resources/human & civil rights/social justice
E. environment/energy/natural resources
F. media/framing/communication/education

2:45 pm Facilitated break-out groups A-F tasked with brainstorming what a progressive narrative and vision might look like.

3:30 pm Break

3:45 pm Plenum - Groups report back

4:15 pm PDNC’s strategy in this rapidly shifting economic, social, and political landscape:

5:15 pm Other business/Announcements

5:30 pm Adjourn


Progressives and "Underreaching"

title="Underrreaching--LA Progressive":

"We need to build a grassroots progressive movement — wide, deep and strong enough to fight the right and challenge the corporate center of the Democratic Party."

"The stakes are too high and crises too extreme to accept “moderate” accommodation to unending war, regressive taxation, massive unemployment, routine foreclosures and environmental destruction."

"A common formula to avoid is what Martin Luther King Jr. called 'the paralysis of analysis.' Profuse theory + scant practice = immobilization..."

I certainly hope to attend the PDNC meeting in Durham as there is little hope for those who would stem the Pope led tide, other than from the leaders of the PDNC.

Martha Brock

For those of us feeling down

after this election, the convention is a chance to be face to face with others who think like we do. There is something very healing in that kind of brotherhood.

When we talked about when to hold this meeting, we decided that no matter which way Nov.2 turned out, we would need to regroup now to see how to move forward.

What ever you may think of PDNC of the past, it is an ever growing, evolving entity and we are lucky to have it in our state. Not every state does have an organized group. We need the voices of the people in harmony, chorus and strength now more than ever.

Without Progressives there is no progress.

Hope you got my message

I'm working to reshuffle my schedule to be there.

Be ready for some candidates for NCDP offices to show up

We need to make sure that we get good candidates for NCDP offices who will cut the cord between the Gov and the House/Senate caucuses. Let them move out of Goodwin House, and rent some space in another office building. That way office space in Goodwin House will be there to house people who want to build the party and want to win elections for candidates who will turn our platform into public policy - not for people who make money whether we win or lose.

Chris Telesca

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

the panelists for the convention

Alexandra Forter Sirota -- economy
Marybe McMillan -- labor/jobs
Adam Sotak -- elections/democracy
Michelle Cotton-Laws - social justice
John Heuer - peace and redirecting military spending
Pete McDowell - global warming and energy policy
Dan Besse - impending radical roll-back of environmental protections in NC
Rob Shofield - progressive framing, messaging and building a progressive communications/ education system

We also have Dennis Lazof who wants 5 minutes to talk about health care reform.

I'll definitely be there.

Everything successfully shuffled. Looking forward to seeing you.

I'm going to try and make it

I've got some up-in-the-air family issues happening, but if there's a window I can squeeze through, I don't want to miss this.

We need you! Discounts for students & others

from our Chair Heide Kober:

After the November 2 elections, progressives have three choices:

1. Quit and retreat into our private lives

2. Allow ourselves to be pushed even further to the right by those who would counsel us to be 'realistic'

3. Reclaim our Democratic platform, create a compelling progressive populist narrative, find like-minded partners and allies, and FIGHT for our core values on every front!

If you choose #3, please join us this Saturday, November 13, to chart a way forward.

We need you more than ever! click here to register*

*NOTE: If you are a student, on a fixed income, unemployed, underemployed, or
otherwise financially underwater, we have a sliding scale all the way to zero. We
understand that times are hard for many North Carolinians. We would rather have you than your money! Tell us what you can afford, and we will work with you. Please
e-mail us at PDNC2010@gmail.com to let us know if you are planning to
come. Include your full name, address, phone number, and preferred email address.
Please note that we have to order lunch ahead of time, so it would be very helpful
if you could let us know by Thursday evening or Friday morning at the latest whether you will be there for lunch.