2010 Essential Races - Who Would You Support?

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Let's try something different: Which legislative races do you care about?

Out of over 6,000 state legislative districts up for grabs this year, we've chosen 40 key races to highlight on our 2010 "Essential Races" list. These are 40 critical races that we anticipate will show which way the political tide is turning this fall.

But we recognize our own limitations. There are plenty of other key races all across the country -- so we're asking for your help in identifying them.

For the next few weeks, we'll be accepting nominations from the public for 10 additional state legislative races to be added to our 2010 "Essential Races" list.

Anyone can nominate an Essential Race, and any campaign for state legislature in 2010 is eligible.

It only takes a few clicks, and it could potentially make a huge difference.

Click here to nominate an Essential Race today!

Back in 2008, the Essential Races chosen through public nominations included a lot of campaigns in battleground states, but they also included a few campaigns in states that weren't top targets, but where something about the district or the Democratic nominee made the race unique and deserving of special attention.

We might have overlooked some of those key races without your help, and we'd be foolish not to ask for it again this year.

So who should we add to the list, and why?

Please visit
www.dlcc.org/2010Races to nominate an Essential Race today!


Michael Sargeant
Executive Director
The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee


That's funny!

I tweeted about this and it's up at my home blog seconds later!

This is a great idea

Maybe some of our commenters will share their opinions on which candidates are most in need.

2010 essential race-NC Senate 15

I nominate NC Senate District 15 race. I am Charles Malone, the Democratic nominee challenging three-term incumbent, Republican Sen. Neal Hunt, in this race. I will bring a progressive voice to a vital area of the county that contains Falls Lake, an environmentally critical area that needs close attention for its environmental health. I will work to be a proactive legislator for funding small business, public transportation, health care reform, mental health reform, strong and inclusive education and ethical leadership. I seek to be effective over being partisan. My opponent is a pure party fellow who will not work on any key issue for compromise. And Sen. Hunt has never gotten more than 53%--he can be beaten!

Charles Malone

Charles Malone

Senate District 5, 10 House District 10, 12

Senate District 5 Senator Don Davis, Senate 10 Candidate Dewey Hudson, House District 10 Rep. Van Braxton and House District 12 Rep William Wainwright. We need Strong Democrats in Eastern North Carolina and these Districts are currently held by "True" Strong Democrats and if they were to Flip RepubliCON would be a Terrible sign of things to come in 2012. We must set the tone for 2012 by holding these seats in 2010.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Also Mott Blair House District 4 candidate

Down in Duplin County. How could I forget.

Anthony D. Hall,

Fighting for Truth, Justice, Freedom and the American Way!

Good to see you Beth!

To anyone on BlueNC who hasn't filled out the form above, Beth would be a great choice!

NC Senate 47

In the post-2000 round of gerrymandering, NC Senate 47 was carved out of Haywood, Madison, Mitchell, Yancey, and McDowell counties as a "GOP leaning" district. Fortunately, Joe Sam Queen (D) of Waynesville has held the seat for two consecutive terms and 3 of the past 4 terms. Holding this seat in Democrat hands is essential for being able to control redistricting in 2011.


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR


These candidates are endorsed by an organization led by Dan Besse ... which is all you need to know to feel great about supporting them.


Rep. Alice Graham Underhill (D-Craven)

Ann Newman (D-Mecklenburg)

Tony Foriest (D-Alamance)

Steve Goss (D-Watauga)

Cullie Tarleton (D-Watauga)

Margaret Dickson (D-Bladen/Cumberland)

Rick Glazier (D-Cumberland)

Robin Anderson (D-Wake)

Jane Whilden (D-Buncombe)

kind of biased here

but please visit www.votenewman.com and support my Mom. The American's for Prosperity 527 is already doing calls in the district and have put out at least one mailer touting her opponant.

I didn't know she was your mom,

...or did I? Did you tell us already? Did I forget? Am I asking too many questions? ;o

yep, she is my mom.

She is retiring from UNCC and is not one to sit around. When the incumbant announced he was retiring, she decided to go for it. I am losing a baby sitter but gaining a state rep who HAS to listen to me, lol.

One of the best things about running the campaign is that she has to ask me for allowance now.

Tony is my guy

Not only is he my Senator, but he's also another (former) Army sergeant. That makes me tired just thinking about it...

SD-19 was in the first wave

That's Sen. Dickson's district. SD-19 and HD-115 (Patsy Keever's district) were both in the first wave of Essential Races.

There are definitely a lot of good suggestions here in the comments - please keep them coming!

Grassroots-nominated races will be announced October 13th, so make sure to get your nominations in by then.

-DLCC Staff