2009 Legislative Session Wrap Up Thread

The NC General Assembly has adjourned its 2009 Regular Session. This thread is for providing links to wrap-up reports from different groups might be an interesting use of this blog. It may be more interesting to link to (or summarize) wrap-ups from less than progressive groups too.


Equality NC had a helluva year

Great work from everyone at ENC. Amazing job organizing people. I always knew what was going on. I always had something in my inbox to act on. If anyone has any spare coin this year here is the group that has earned it. They are on the front lines of the civil rights battle.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

ENC did great work

and certainly deserve support so that they can keep that up. And they have some solid plans for fighting for equality in our state in the future.

In a similar vein, although out of state, the Courage Campaign in CA could use a coin or two before this Thursday. The majority of those they polled overwhelming want to see the fight for repealing prop 8 start now so that it can be removed with the 2010 voting season, but that is only if they can secure the initial funds needed to get things going. They had a 200 k goal to raise in only 1 week, and are at this point only about 42 k short which I think is amazing job done so far, but they only have until Thursday to finish (they want to be well ready in time for next months filing time line).

I pitched in $30 (& it certainly wont detract from whatever future donations I plan to give to Equality NC), but if you want to donate in a way that will have the biggest impact on LGBT equality, then one way to do so is to donate before Thursday & let them launch the repeal campaign NOW. Here is the link if you can help: