18 Days: Dole Skips Another Banking Committee Meeting...

DAY 18

Yesterday, Elizabeth Dole again chose politics over people when she skipped a Banking committee hearing about the financial turmoil to campaign for her own re-election with VP nominee Sarah Palin. This marks the 62nd time that Dole has been silent during a meeting of the Banking Committee. In the wake of the financial crisis, Dole pledged to use her seat on the committee to investigate the causes of the turmoil. Obviously that was just her saying one thing in North Carolina while doing another in DC.


Dole Said She Would Use Her Banking Committee Seat To Examine Financial Turmoil.
Dole said that she “will use her role on the Senate committee that oversees the nation’s banking to examine the causes and implications of turmoil in U.S. financial markets,” according to the Associated Press. [Associated Press. 9/15/08]

Dole: “I’m Just Willing To Stay Here And Get It Done Right. During an interview with WGHP on October 1, Dole spoke about the financial crisis and said, “I’m just willing to stay here and get it done right.” [WGHP, 10/1/08]


Yesterday, Dole Missed Hearing On U.S. Credit Markets. Yesterday, October 16, the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee held a hearing on U.S. credit markets. Senator Elizabeth Dole did not attend the hearing that was held to discuss “what do we need to do from here forward so as to minimize these problems from ever occurring again,” according to committee Chairman Chris Dodd. [CQ, Congressional Hearings, 10/16/08]

Dole Attended Political Rally With Sarah Palin. Instead of being in Washington to attend the committee hearing, Senator Elizabeth Dole was traveling in North Carolina at the time and attended a political rally with Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. [Raleigh News & Observer, 10/16/08]

Yesterday’s Hearing Marks The 62nd Time That Dole Has Been Silent During A Banking Hearing. As a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Elizabeth Dole made no remarks and asked no questions of witnesses at 62 hearings held by the committee or the subcommittees of which Dole was a member. [CQ, Congressional Transcripts, Accessed 9/15/08]

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