159 seconds of sanity on healthcare

Mr. Reich says it's time to raise hell. I'm in.


A voice of reason

And yes, I'll call and write my senators and congressman ... although I'm not holding my breath for the public option. My fear is that Obama & Co. will settle for much, much less in order to get Something/Anything passed. Is Sanka legislation (97% of the active ingredients removed) better than no legislation? Maybe on some political level it is, but not on any practical level. Personally, though, as a self-employed 50-something, I don't see how any legislation short of a bill that contains a very robust public option is going to lower my health care premiums (and maybe not even that would do it). Which is to say, I'm fully expecting my monthly BCBSNC bills to continue to go up until I reach 65.

That's weird

I'm a self-employed 50-something too.


This Week Roundtable..

I was sure that Mr. Reich would have picked up on the juxtaposition this morning during the roundtable... George Will was indignant that Americans would spend "16% of their income on health care" if some kind of health care reform were passed...and not a minute later everyone on the roundtable (including the vapid Peggy Noonan) were talking about how Americans now spend 16% of GDP on health care currently.

No one, including Robert Reich, picked up what seemed obvious to me...if health care makes up 16% of GDP, then Americans are spending 16% of their income on health care already!


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR