15 vs 4: Moore's lopsided new Transportation Committee

Not even a semblance of being fair and balanced:

“The appointment of this committee is a crucial next step in addressing the growing transportation and infrastructure needs in North Carolina,” Rep. John Torbett (R-Gaston) remarked. Torbett will serve as the Committee Chair. “This committee will allow the House to continue to build on the successes we achieved in last year’s budget. I am humbled by the opportunity to chair the committee and look forward to leading North Carolina into a more competitive future by addressing the needs of our transportation network.”

Every year that goes by under Republican rule, the number of Democrats appointed to committees drops. Yes, under Democratic leadership, these committees had a majority of Dems filling seats, but most committees were about 60/40, and some were even closer to parity. Those four seats (out of twenty) Moore gave to Democrats on this new committee are virtually pointless. But that won't stop him from trumpeting "Bi-partisan!" from the rafters. A big part of the word "Shame" is "Sham." And they're equally interchangeable when describing GOP leadership.