14% Increase In Place

Today ElectriCities Board of Commissioners voted to put the increase in place. Councilman Blackwell and councilman Knight of Rocky Mount Ask question that had them on the wall. Good move Rocky Mount. No other suggestion was made by ElectriCities to make any cuts or anything. Wilson's city manager Grant Groing ask about how at the rate meeting in June it showed 13% and the same chart now show 14%. Ken danced around that with Progress Enegy add $5 million to there projection. The Fight goses on.


I guess we're not surprised.

The fight goes on ... and on.

You guys are doing great. Don't get discouraged - this is a long war.

Jesus Swept, this December

ElectriCities thinks the people upset in the cities will go away

...but we are just getting more and more people interested. And their employees are emailing us with tips. Sounds like the place is falling apart inside as well as outside.

We got this email

"While you all are are at it, you really should look into the practices of the HR director. This guy makes over a 100k and is charged with protecting the employees of this organization. In reality he is Jesse Tilton's yes man along with their shady attorney and a few other VP's. He has no interest in the employees at this company, only his own self interests and his wallet.

The man has overseen numerous sexual harrassment settlements, employee "resigations" and unjustified firings of employees who have tried to make ElectriCities a more accountable and open company to the public.

I've never known an HR director held in such low regard by the very people he's suppossed to be looking out for. The problem is, he's not bright enough to realize the employees are on to him."

A couple of thoughts on today - Sam Noble said Bruce Rose was playing politics at the ElectriCities Board Meeting last week when Rose, under pressure from Wilson residents, voted no. Today, Sam Noble, moved one of our recommendations to cut the Board salaries in 2009. Not sure why he needs to wait - should be done now. But at least he moved on something.

Looks to me like they are all playing politics with "little" deeds. Some of them are getting dirty with this place. I am hopeful there is more to come but regardless we need to keep the pressure in place.

Have tried to get a hold of some former employees but they are mum on their experiences there. Cannot get them to talk. I understand the charts clearly showed the declined last Fall 2007 and no one will own up to the fact that Tilton knew and did not tell and then when they found out in March, the Board did not tell. This still constitute malfeasance and for that there should be cuts. Hands down.

I have to say I do not agree with this talk about programs for people - those will cost us more if Tilton has anything to do with it. Get the rates lowered and then we will talk programs.

Tilton still appears arrogant and smug. Where in the world did we get this joker?


It could get tricky to keep individual people and their upsets separate from the broader competence issue. For example, I'm sure someone could say similar things about almost any HR executive.

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the substance - just commenting on one of the challenges that comes when an issue gets elevated and more broadly discussed.

A good problem to have.


Jesus Swept, this December

Agreed - ElectriCities is a nest of unhappy people

I agree. When we all got information in October 2007 it did come from inside the place but it was about the CEO knowing interest rates were going up and his decision to keep it to himself. We have received 50 emails from inside and we have emails from city staff, legislative staff, political analysts, friends of friends etc. And we have spent untold hours sorting information about people leaving and the results of that and have tried to focus on: does it cost money (so legal settlements and resignations do especially when all grouped in one division); does it impact organizational effectiveness (are we losing something); is it evidence of mismanagement (hiding, conspiring, fiction). If it fits in these three, we looked into it. You can ask almost anyone and they know a little something, it was only when common themes ran together that we decided there was credibility. If the place was not so damn secretive, even though it is public, this would be unnecessary.

If this person tells us more that leads to a spending issue, legal issue, or fits our categories great but if they are all ranting for the sake of ranting, we should just listen and move on. I am sure the place is in chaos from the pressure from outside and I am sure there is a divide there. No doubt. Those issues speak to lack of leadership and management, and we all know the only ones who can fix that are the Board members.

Al Manning, retiree, native of eastern NC and proud of it, plenty of time to read, research and get annoyed about the lack of accountability in elected leaders these days. Married to a real southern lady and we live with two labs and two airedales who run