14 Days: Dole's "Bush Pioneer" Money

DAY 14

Elizabeth Dole did not vote with President Bush 92% of the time for nothing. She was handily rewarded for siding with George Bush’s special interests instead of North Carolina best interests. Dole received over $100,000 from Bush’s “Pioneers” and “Rangers,” his most prolific fundraising bundlers. Being a “loyal foot soldier in the Bush Administration’s Army” has had its hefty perks for Elizabeth Dole, but what has it done for hardworking families in North Carolina?


Dole Voted With President Bush 92% Of The Time. Between 2003 and 2007, Dole has voted with President Bush 91.6% of the time through 2007. In her first year in office, she supported his positions 98% of the time. [Congressional Quarterly Vote Studies, viewed 3/3/08]

Dole Was “A Loyal Foot Soldier In The Bush Administration’s Army.”
Independent Weekly reported that “Through the first nine months of 2007, Dole was a loyal foot soldier in the Bush administration's army. Her voting record was strongly pro-business and anti-labor. She backed the Bush line against environmental and energy-conservation measures, health and education funding, civil rights and tax reform. To this day, Dole is a staunch supporter of the Bush tax cuts for wealthy Americans and proposes to cut corporate taxes further and eliminate estate taxes entirely.” [Independent Weekly, 9/17/08]

Dole Said Bush’s Economic Policies Were “Exactly Right” And “Working.” In August 2002, Dole told a group, “I think President Bush’s economic policies are exactly right, I don’t know about you.” n July 2004, Dole spoke at rally for Bush’s reelection campaign. Dole said, “This is not a time to make a change from what’s working, right? It’s working, the Bush economic policies are working.” [Myrtle Beach Sun-News, 8/25/02; Wilmington Star News, 07/13/04]

Bush White House “Helped Recruit” Dole For The 2002 Senate Race. In a 2002 interview, Dole said that the White House encouraged her to enter the Senate race. At one point at a reception at the White House, Bush told Dole, “I hope you are really thinking about this.” [Charlotte Observer, 1/29/02; Raleigh News and Observer, 2/9/02]


Dole Has Received Over $105,000 From Nearly 50 Bush Pioneers And Rangers. Since starting her first run for Senate in 2001, Elizabeth Dole has accepted over $105,000 in campaign contributions from 49 Bush “Pioneers” and “Rangers.” Bundlers for George W. Bush’s presidential campaign in 2004 who collected $200,000 or more were considered “Rangers” and those who collected $100,000 were considered “Pioneers.” [Center for Responsive Politics, Accessed 10/18/08; George Washington University, Democracy In Action, Accessed 10/18/08]

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